Third anniversary of terrorist attack on 22 July

Several events are being held to mark the third anniversary of the attacks on the government offices and Utøya on 22 July 2011.

There will be memorial events in Oslo and on Utøya, as well as a service in Oslo Cathedral.

Memorial event in Oslo

Memorial event in Oslo (Photo: Office of the Prime Minister)

Photo: NTB scanpix

The police takes measures to counter potential threat

The Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) has reason to believe that a possible attack on Norway is being planned. At a press conference today, the police announced measures to counter this potential threat. (Ministry of Justice and Public Security, 24.07.2014)


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The Constitution - hand written. (Photo: MFA)

Celebrating the Constitution abroad

Nearly 150 different events to celebrate the bicentenary of the Norwegian Constitution will be held by our missions abroad in 2014.

Fields of responsibility in Erna Solberg’s government

Erna Solberg’s Government was appointed by the King in a session of the Council of State on 16 October 2013. It represents the Conservative Party (C) and the Progress Party (PrP).