The Norwegian State Council on Disability

About the council

The Norwegian State Council on Disability is an advisory body serving public agencies and institutions, in particular the ministries and other state administrative organs. The government, meeting in cabinet on March 28, appointed new members to the Norwegian State Council on Disability; their terms will last for four years.

The purpose of the council is to provide central authorities with independent comment and counsel so that public policies reflect accurate knowledge about the disabled and their interests. An important goal is to achieve an inclusive society in which everyone can be sure of good living conditions and access to society's various arenas of activity.

The council's makeup

The chair of the council is Henning Aanes, of Hadsel, who is also the chief medical officer of Nordland County. The council's 14 members have a broad set of backgrounds in social policy as well as special insight into the challenges faced by disabled people.  Five of the members were appointed on the recommendation of organizations representing people with reduced functional capacity.

FROM 28 MARCH 2008 TO 27 MARCH 2012

1. Henning Aanes, fylkeslege, Hadsel, leder.

2. Arnhild Holstad, informasjonssjef, Namsos, nestleder.

3. Margareth Ramberg, styreleder, Nedre Eiker.

4. Liv Arum, generalsekretær,  Oslo.

5. Thyra Kirknes, konsulent, Oslo.

6. Atle Lunde, fungerende styreleder, Stavanger.

7. Helene Holand, forbundsleder, Gol.

8. Gunnar Buvik, generalsekretær, Sarpsborg.

9. Ingrid Ihme, leder, Oslo.

10. Hilde Haualand, journalist, Ås.

11. Tor Stafsnes, ass. fylkesmann, Vadsø.

12. Ella Ghosh, daglig leder, Oslo.

13. Peder Haug, professor, Volda.

14. Odd Roar Thorsen, administrasjonssjef, Bærum.


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