State Secretary Astrid Nøklebye Heiberg (Conservative Party)

State Secretary Astrid Nøklebye Heiberg. Photo: Bjørn Stuedal.

Born: 1936
Address: Teatergata 9, PO Box 8011 Dep, 0030 Oslo, Norway.
Telephone: +47 22 24 90 90
Family: Married with two children

1969-2006 Employed at the Psychiatric Clinic and at the Department of Psychiatry, University of Oslo, as senior registrar (US: senior resident); consultant physician (attending physician); scientific officer, (senior technical officer (research associate); senior lecturer (associate professor) and professor
1980 MD
1969 Specialist in psychiatry
1962 Bachelor of medicine, MB, Oslo
Political positions:  
1992-1996 1992-96 Member of Oslo City Council and Board
1991 Candidate for the Mayorship of Oslo City Council for Conservative Party
1989-19989 and
Member of the Executive Committee for the Conservative Party
1990-1991  First deputy chair for the Conservative Party
1985-1989 Chair of the National Conservative Woman Association
1985-1989 Member of Parliament
1986 Cabinet Minister for the Ministry of Governmental Administration and Consumer's Affairs
1981-1985 Deputy Minister for the Ministry of Social Affairs
2010- Chair of Oslo Byes Vel
2007-2011 Chair of the Norwegian Institute for psychotherapy
2005-2009 Member of the Regional Ethics Research
2004-2008 Chair of The Norwegian UNESCO-commission
2004- Chair of The Restoration Workshop of Nidaros Cathedral
2003-2004 Consultant to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the Sri Lanka peace process
2005- Chair of the Norwegian Institute for Research of Cultural Heritage
2002-2005 Member of the Regional Health Board of East Norway
2002-2005 Chair of Norwegian National Board for Seniors
1997-2001 President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
1995 President of the International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, Geneva
1993-1999 President, Norwegian Red Cross
1991 Elections observer, as member of international commissions (Zambia) by Jimmy Carter
1992 Elections observer, as member of international commissions (Georgia) by Jimmy Carter
1985-2007 Member of the Judging Committee for Leo and Lisl Eitinger's Prize
1989 Delegate to the United Nations General Assembly
1989-1993 Norwegian representative to the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment
1974- Member of various National Boards and Councils for Health, Research and Humanities
Ministry of Health and Care Services