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Veiledninger og brosjyrer

På denne siden finner du utvalgte veiledninger og brosjyrer utgitt av Helse- og omsorgsdepartementet.

The Regular General Practitioner Scheme

Short version of Proposition no. 99 (1998-99) to the Norwegian Parliament

The Introduction of a Regular GP Scheme

Information and frequently asked questions (I-1030 E)

If You are Considering Abortion

(I-0936 E)

About the Abortion Act

(I-0935 E)

The Health and Social Affairs Sector in Norway

An overview (I-0990 E)

Security - Respect - Quality.

Plan of Action for the Elderly 1998-2001 (I-0907 E)

Plan of Action for Combating the HIV/AIDS Epidemic

1996-2000 (I-0875 E)

Prevention of Injuries at Home, School and Recreation.

Plan of Action 1997-2002 ( I-0874 E)

Ministry of Health and Care Services