Plan, 28.10.2011

North America Strategy for Higher Education Cooperation 2012-2015


(Foto: Colourbox)

On 25 October 2011, Minister of Research and Higher Education, Ms Tora Aasland, launched a new North America Strategy for Higher Education Cooperation 2012-2015.  

The purpose of the strategy is to further strengthen the cooperation between Norwegian higher education institutions and their partners in the U.S. and Canada. 

The main priorities of the strategy are:

• Collaboration at government level and network arenas

• Institutional partnerships and stronger correlation between higher education and research collaboration

• Mobility of students and staff 

The main measures under the strategy will be a new call in the Partnership Program with North America, project funding, and the establishment of arenas for increased cooperation with Canada.

The new strategy builds on the positive experiences made with the existing strategy. However, the Ministry of Education and Research still sees the need for targeted measures, especially towards increasing the mobility of students at the Master and Ph.D. levels, increasing the mobility of North American students to Norway, and increasing the cooperation the cooperation with Canada.

The Ministry of Education and Research will allocate 10 million NOK per year to the follow-up of the strategy.