National Budget 2015

The Norwegian Government gives priority to climate and cultural heritage issues in its proposed budget for 2015. The Climate and Forest Initiative will receive NOK 3 billion in the budget for the Ministry of Climate and Environment next year. The Ministry also presented a strategy for biogas and there is a new allocation of NOK 20 million for fire protection of stave churches and traditional wooden buildings.

National Budget / Illustration

National Budget / Illustration

Tine Sundtoft


Minister of Climate and Environment

-The Norwegian Government has a generational perspective. So we aim to pursue an ambitious climate and environmental policy. Our goal is to pass on our planet to our children in at least as good shape as we found it.

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Switchboard: +47 22 24 90 90

Press telephone: +47 947 82 505 (not sms)

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Kongens gate 20

P.O. Box 8013 Dep, 0030 Oslo


Minister of Climate and Environment