Official Norwegian Reports

The government or a ministry may constitute a committee and working groups who report on different aspects of society. A report can either be published as an Official Norwegian Report, or as a regular report.

On this page, you can find Official Norwegian Reports from the Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministries. 

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NOU 2014: 5

MOOCs for Norway

NOU 2013: 10

Natural benefits – on the values of ecosystem services

NOU 2013: 4

Official Norwegian Report on cultural policy 2014

NOU 2012: 16

Cost-Benefit Analysis

NOU 2012: 2

Outside and Inside

NOU 2011: 18

Official Norwegian Report NOU 2011: 18 Summary

NOU 2011: 11

Innovation in the Care Services

NOU 2010: 10

Adapting to a changing climate

NOU 2010: 3

Homicide in Norway in the period 2004—2009

NOU 2009: 19

Tax havens and development