Draft resolutions and bills

Draft resolutions and bills (Prop.) form the basis for the Storting’s consideration of proposed resolutions, new legislation or amendments to legislation, the budget, or other such matters that require a decision by the Storting.

Prop. 102 L(2011–2012)

Act relating to Eksportkreditt Norge AS (Export Credit Act)

Proposition no. 107 (2008-2009)

Concerning an Act on Offshore Renewable Energy Production (the Offshore Energy Act)

Proposition No. 52 (2008–2009) to the Storting - Summary

Concerning an Act relating to the management of biological, geological and landscape diversity (Nature Diversity Act)

Proposition No. 32 to the Storting (2008-2009)

Government funding to Eksportfinans ASA

Proposition to the Storting No 59 (2004-2005) - Annexes

Report No. 35 to the Storting (2003-2004) - Summary

Fighting Poverty Together

Proposition to the Storting no. 16 (2003-2004)

Free Trade Agreement between the EFTA States and the Republic of Chile

Proposition No. 79 to the Storting (2001-2002)

National Salmon Rivers and Salmon Fjords

Summary of proposition No. 67 to the Odelsting (2001 - 2002)

St.prp. nr. 36 (2000-2001) English