Public administration

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The modernisation and development of the public sector affects many policy areas. The Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation is the coordinating ministry in the Government’s modernisation efforts.

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What can the Digital Agenda for Norway do for Europe?

"Our government platform is strongly emphasising ICT as a driver for innovation, growth and modernisation of the public sector", said State Secretary Paul Chaffey in his address at a conference about European ICT policy held in Oslo.

Y-blokkas endeveggFoto: Statsbygg

The integrated artwork in the damaged government buildings

No decision has yet been made concerning re-use or demolition of the H-block and Y-block. Any Government decisions concerning the artwork in the damaged government buildings will be dealt with in accordance with Norwegian law.

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On rural regional policy

English summary of the Norwegian Government’s white paper to the Parliament on rural and regional policy: Meld. St. 13 (2012–2013) Ta heile Noreg i bruk.

Meld. St. 23 (2012–2013)

Digital Agenda for Norway

Amendments to the Political Parties Act (2012)

In this proposition the Ministry of Government Administration, Reform and Church Affairs proposes legislative amendments that are to facilitate greater transparency and control of the funding of political parties in order to follow the recommendations of the Council of Europe represented by GRECO to Norway.

On the Act relating to certain circumstances concerning political parties (Party Act - 2005)

In this Bill, the Ministry of Government Administration and Reform presents a proposal for a new Act relating to certain circumstances concerning political parties.

Land Registration Act, Cadastre Act and Spatial Data Act

Tinglysingsloven (Land Registration Act), matrikkelloven (Cadastre Act) and geodataloven (Spatial Data Act) is translated to english. The translations are not official and for information use only. The original text in Norwegian should be used for legal matters.

Cyber Security Strategy for Norway

The strategy sets the direction and priorities on which public authorities should base their information security efforts.

The G Block , architect Henrik Bull.

Art, architecture and buildings in the Government Building Complex

Regjeringskvartalet, the government building complex, is located in central Oslo and has been owned by the government for more than 200 years.

The Strategy for Innovation an Good Governance at Local Level

Adopted in March 2008, the Strategy is a practical instrument which can be used to generate synergies between all stakeholders, be they local, regional, national or European, by working together with common instruments for improving the quality of local governance according to a shared vision defi ned by the twelve Principles of good democratic governance.

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