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Assessment of the Status of Implementation of the Programme of Action of the ICPD

General debate on National Experiences in Population Matter, New York, 8 April 2014

"We will continue our political and financial support, and put education and health, including sexual and reproductive health and rights, at the top of the development agenda", political adviser Ingrid Skjøtskift said in the statement at General debate on National Experiences in Population Matter in New York on 8 April 2014.

Address at open meeting on Eritrea

Oslo, 8 April 2014

- Norway is well placed to keep an open and honest dialogue with Asmara on the direction of the country. We continue to believe that we can play a constructive although limited role and we think that we by continuing a dialogue are serving the interests of the Eritrean people, said State Secretary Hans Brattskar in his address at the meeting.

Opening speech at the presentation of Asian Development Outlook 2014

Oslo, 8 April 2014

- I would like to thank the ADB for keeping us up-to-date on the developments in Asia and the Pacific. Your analytical capacity and knowledge sharing is highly appreciated, said State Secretary Hans Brattskar in his opening speech at the Asian Development Bank's presentation of Asian Development Outlook 2014.

Celebrate Progress for Girls and Women

Side event International Conference on Population and Development, New York, 7. april 2014

Women Deliver and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in support of Every Woman Every Child, co-hosted an event at the Commission on Population and Development in New York, 7 April 2014.

The Norwegian Government Pension Fund Global - a financial investor, not a political policy tool

Over the last few months Norway has witnessed a political debate about whether the Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG) should divest from all coal or petroleum companies. Today we announce that we have asked an Expert Group to look at how we should address the issue of climate gas emissions from coal and petroleum companies. The Expert Group's conclusions will be presented in Autumn 2014. However, independently of its recommendations, the GPFG will continue to be a well-diversified, global financial investor and not a policy tool, says Minister of Finance Siv Jensen.

Subsea Valley Conference

Telenor Arena, 2 April 2014

Foreign policy address to the Storting

"Let me be quite clear about what we are now witnessing: for the first time since the Second World War, a European state has forcibly annexed part of a neighbouring country", said Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Børge Brende, in his address to the Storting.

Seminar on Traditional Knowledge, Arctic Indigenous Peoples and Reindeer Herding

Indigenous peoples are not only impacted, they have valuable contributions in our common effort to meet the challenges caused by a changing climate, said Minister of Local Government and Modernisation Jan Tore Sanner in his opening statement.

Nordic consultations with UNAIDS

Oslo, 25 March 2014

"I hope this meeting will be able to explore how best to maintain the advances that have already been made and to continue to make progress both now and after 2015", said State Secretary Hans Brattskar in his address to the UNAids meeting.

Challenges and Opportunities: Furthering A Rights Based Approach to HIV

By State Secretary Cecilie Brein-Karlsen