CO2-storage in Norway

Today Gassnova has assigned a contract to Statoil ASA regarding concept studies and FEED (front-end engineering and design) for a CO2- storage site on the Norwegian continental shelf.

- CCS (carbon capture and storage) is an important part of the Government's climate policy. This assignment takes us one-step closer towards storing COon the Norwegian shelf says Terje Søviknes, the Minister for petroleum and energy.

 -In the 2015 budget, the Government presented its strategy regarding CCS. By building stone by stone, we have an industrial approach in the development of the full-scale CCS-project. By today's assignment we are in line with our plan as set out in our strategy, says Søviknes.

The feasibility studies from July 2016 reveals that technically a chain of CO2 capture, transport and storage in Norway is possible. Going forward the project will be planned and studied in detail, providing a more accurate cost estimate. Together the concept studies and FEED create a basis for an investment decision in the project. The intention is to make a decision in the spring of 2019. 

During the planning phase, The Ministry [of petroleum and energy] will encourage the establishing of a group of companies that can cooperate in the development of a CO2- storage. Statoil has presented plans revealing how such a collaboration could possibly be established.  This will contribute to more companies benefitting from the experience and the knowledge from the project.

Previously this year Gassnova designed contracts to conceptual studies of CO2 capture to the Klemetsrud facility, Norcem in Brevik and Yara in Porsgrunn. Gassco has assigned contracts for conceptual studies regarding maritime transport to Larvik Shipping and Brevik Engineering. Today's assignment completes the contracts for the next phase of the full- scale project.

More information on Gassnova's website.