Norway condemns bombing of aid convoy in Syria

‘I am appalled and horrified that a large aid convoy has been bombed today, and that crucial emergency relief for the people of Syria will not reach those in need,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende.

Around 20 trucks loaded with emergency supplies are reported to have been bombed and several drivers and aid workers to have been killed during an attack on an aid convoy west of Aleppo. The attack was launched shortly after Syrian military leaders announced an end to the truce that entered into force last Monday.   

‘This week, civilians were finally going to receive vital aid to alleviate suffering, hunger and hardship. But today, a number of civilians have been killed and a humanitarian convoy carrying aid to nearly 80 000 people has been attacked. The trucks were easily identifiable and were on their way following prolonged negotiations to allow them to get through to civilians. Attacks on aid workers and emergency supplies are totally unacceptable,’ Mr Brende said.

Norway, the fifth largest donor country for the Syrian crisis, supports the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, which was attacked today. ‘When aid workers are killed and emergency relief is blocked, conditions for civilians who are sick and undernourished get even worse, in a situation that is already inhumane,’ said Mr Brende.

Foreign Minister Brende will meet UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura in New York tomorrow.

‘We urge all parties to get the political process back on track. The hostilities must cease, and civilians must be granted immediate access to humanitarian relief,’ Mr Brende said.