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EEA and Norway Grants: Annual report for 2016-2017

The results from over 6 000 projects are now coming in. The annual report for 2016-17 shows that the EEA and Norway Grants have reached millions of people in 16 beneficiary countries.

infographic highlighting some results

‘We can be proud of the results we have achieved so far. They show that we are contributing to positive change and helping to reduce social and economic disparities in Europe,’ said Minister of EEA and EU Affairs Frank Bakke-Jensen.

     More: Read the annual report online

A total of EUR 1.8 billion has been distributed between 150 programmes in 16 countries. This year’s report presents the results achieved in a range of areas including climate change and energy, research and education, green innovation, civil society, social development, justice and home affairs, and culture.

Here are a few examples:

  • 448 research articles have been published
  • 3 200 NGOs have increased capacity
  • 60 000 offenders have received alternative sentences to prison sentences
  • 66 new environmental technologies have been commercialised
  • 6 000 jobs have been created in the culture sector
  • 1.8 million people now have better health services.

The report includes useful background information about the various sectors and presents the results in a broader context.

Norwegian partners

‘Norwegian public institutions, companies, researchers, organisations and municipalities have been constructive partners in a number of projects, and can be proud of the results they have helped to achieve. Together, we are helping to promote a green, competitive and inclusive Europe,’ said Mr Bakke-Jensen.

Twenty Norwegian public bodies have taken part in the implementation of the programmes and have helped to recruit Norwegian partners to the various projects. About a fifth of the projects have had a Norwegian partner, and all the Norwegian counties have been involved.

‘Towards the end of the summer we will launch a new results portal for the EEA and Norway Grants on the Ministry’s website. The general public will then be able to see the great breadth of cooperation that has been developed through the grants scheme. The portal will be interactive and will present further details about the results we have achieved,’ said Mr Bakke-Jensen.

To receive a hard copy of the report by mail please send us an email with your postal address. Click here to order.

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