Expert group tasked with looking at how artificial intelligence can influence democratic elections

2024 is a historic election year. Never before have so many voters gone to the polls all over the world. At the same time, artificial intelligence (AI) is developing rapidly, which may increase the spread of disinformation and have an undesirable influence on elections.

The Government has appointed a fast-working expert group tasked with gathering experience of the 2024 elections and making recommendations on how Norway can prepare for the general election in 2025.

‘Confidence in our elections is vital to our democracy, which is why we now seek to learn from this year’s elections around the world to identify both opportunities and vulnerabilities in our own electoral system. I believe it is very important that we now actively seek knowledge about how artificial intelligence can influence safe and good elections in Norway,’ says Minister of Local Government and Regional Development Erling Sande.

Niels Nagelhus Schia will chair the expert group. He is the head of the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs’ Research Centre on New Technology.

‘I look forward to exploring the profound implications of AI for our democratic processes. We want to better understand how AI can both strengthen and challenge democratic elections. We will focus on making recommendations that ensure that Norway’s democratic institutions remain as robust and trustworthy in the future,’ says Schia.

The expert group will provide a knowledge status and specific recommendations to the Ministry on measures that can be implemented before the 2025 general election.

‘I hope and believe that the expert group will help us gain more knowledge about the types of vulnerabilities we face, and how technology can influence Norwegian elections in the future,’ says the Minister.

The working group members:

  • Niels Nagelhus Schia (Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI))
  • Petter Bae Brandtzæg (SINTEF/University of Oslo)
  • Lars Raaum (Norwegian Media Business’ Association)
  • Helle Sjøvaag (University of Stavanger)
  • Heidrun Åm (Norwegian University of Science and Technology NTNU))
  • Julie Ødegaard Borge (NLA University College Bergen)
  • Rune Karlsen (University of Oslo)
  • Anne Sofie Molandsveen (NORCAP – Norwegian Refugee Council)

The expert group aims to present the results of its work by 31 December 2024.