The Norwegian Minister of Culture announces her bid for the Vice-presidency of WADA

Statement from Linda Hofstad Helleland, Minister of Culture:

I have given this matter thorough consideration, and have reached the conclusion that I would like to announce my candidature for the position of Vice President of The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), representing Europe. 
The considerable number of serious doping revelations and violations in international sports during the last year, have shown that WADA must be supported, strengthened and given the tools necessary to continue to be the world leader in anti-doping work.

If elected as the Vice President, I will work actively with WADA, the sports movement and the governments of the world to promote WADA, its work and clean athletes.

As a current Minister of Culture and Sport, I am in a position to provide WADA with appropriate and strong support and leverage.
Today, the President of WADA is representing the sports movement and thus the Vice-President who will be elected in November will represent the governments of the world. 

During my tenure as Minister, I have on numerous occasions called for zero-tolerance on doping in sport. I have also acknowledged that a strong and independent WADA is the best guarantee to secure clean sports and protecting the clean athletes.

Recently, on my initiative, the Norwegian Ministry of Culture, Anti-Doping Norway and The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports jointly presented a declaration on collaboration on international anti-doping work and together giving a strong support to WADA.

Norway is a leading force in the international anti-doping work. We strongly support a dedicated fight for the clean athletes and for clean sport. Dating back long before the founding of WADA, Norway has been engaged and committed in international anti-doping work and can show considerable advancements. 

The time has come to advance the fight for clean athletes. We need to work with governments and the sports communities to fulfill our obligations to our dedicated and clean athletes. I have also been a strong advocator for gender equality in international sports. The WADA governing bodies have a vast majority of males. Now is the time to materialize commitments by the IOC and public authorities to engage more women into leading positions in international organisations.

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