Statement at Nordic prime ministers' meeting in Åland

Statement by Prime Minister Erna Solberg at the annual Nordic prime minister meeting in the Åland Islands.

The Nordic countries have common basic security policy interests; we are part of the same economic community through the European Internal Market and we are an overall positive force that makes the Nordic region a relevant European and global player.

The meeting today with my Nordic colleagues has helped us gather our perspectives on common challenges. We share the view that closer cooperation will strengthen us in addressing these challenges.

We must ensure that the Nordic cooperation is relevant for Nordic citizens' everyday lives. Therefore, I support the reform process of the Nordic Council of Ministers. It is important to work towards a more dynamic and flexible Nordic cooperation. Cooperation on integration issues is important in this respect. Digitalization is another topic with great potential for enhanced cooperation.

I want to emphasize our strong commitment to the Nordic cooperation on the threshold of Norway’s chairmanship in 2017. Our region's own challenges when it comes to competitiveness and the transition to low carbon societies, Europe's challenges and global trends point clearly towards the need for more strategic Nordic cooperation.

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