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Government presents new strategy for relations with Germany

The Government is launching its new strategy for Norway’s relations with Germany in connection with the visit of German Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs Heiko Maas to Oslo tomorrow, 14 June. The previous strategy was presented in 2014.

‘Germany is a key EU country and Norway’s most important partner in Europe. Norwegian-German relations are excellent, and we cooperate in a wide range of areas. Norway and Germany share similar views on a great many issues, not least the importance of multilateral cooperation and a rules-based world order,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs Ine Eriksen Søreide.

Norway’s first strategy for relations with Germany was published in 1999. The strategy is a tool for ensuring a coherent, strategic and coordinated approach to Norway’s relations with Germany. The aim of the new strategy is to further develop cooperation between Norway and Germany, based on common interests, and to the benefit of both countries. The new strategy focuses to a greater extent on Norwegian-German cooperation on international issues. However, it also covers most policy areas, and has been drawn up in consultation with all the relevant ministries.

‘A great deal has happened since 2014, especially in international politics. That is why I have taken the initiative to update Norway’s Germany strategy,’ Ms Eriksen Søreide said. 

The main goals set out in the strategy are to: 

  • work with Germany to defend and strengthen multilateral institutions, international norms and rules and global free trade, and to promote democracy, human rights, the rule of law, peace and security, sustainable development, and efforts to address climate change and other environmental issues,
  • promote Norway’s interests in the EU as effectively as possible, in consultation with Germany,
  • develop and expand Norway’s security and defence cooperation with Germany, at bilateral level, within the framework of NATO and the UN, and through Norway’s cooperation with the EU,
  • promote sustainable management of marine resources as a basis for further developing the ocean economy, through dialogue and cooperation with Germany,
  • promote Norwegian private sector investment in Germany, by providing advice, supporting promotional activities and engaging in cooperation with the companies concerned,
  • continue to be a stable and reliable supplier of energy to the German market and an important partner for Germany in its work to achieve a successful energy transition and in the efforts to reach Europe’s climate targets,
  • ensure good conditions for the transport of goods and passengers between Norway and Europe, by road, rail and sea, through close dialogue and cooperation with the German authorities,
  • strengthen cooperation between Norwegian and Germany universities, university colleges, research institutions, business communities, researchers and research groups,
  • increase knowledge of Germany and the German language among Norwegian schoolchildren and students,
  • promote Norwegian culture and the Norwegian cultural and creative sector in Germany.

The Government’s strategy for relations with Germany 2019 is available in Norwegian and German:

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