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State Secretary Morten Høglund to visit Nepal and India 14–17 April

State Secretary Morten Høglund will visit Nepal from 14 to 15 April and India from 16 to 17 April. The purpose of the visit to Nepal is to engage in political talks and dialogue on Norway’s extensive development cooperation with the country. In India, Mr Høglund will take part in the Norway–Asia Business Summit.

The Government has selected Nepal as one of 12 focus countries for Norwegian aid. This funding will mainly be channelled to clean energy, education and good governance efforts in the country.

During his visit to Nepal, Mr Høglund will announce a contribution of NOK 200 million to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency in the country. He will also inform Nepal of Norway’s plans to increase its support to the education sector.

‘There is huge potential for hydropower development in Nepal. This will be important for strengthening the economy of the country as a whole. The intention behind Norway’s funding is to help to build up infrastructure and support measures that can mobilise private investment in the hydropower sector,’ said Mr Høglund.

Mr Høglund will also have talks with Prime Minister Sushil Koirala, Foreign Minister Mahendra Pandey and Finance Minister Ram Sharan Mahat. In addition, he will meet leaders of the various political parties in Nepal.

Mr Høglund will then travel on to India, where he will promote Norwegian business interests and take part in the Norway–Asia Business Summit.

‘Global economic growth over the next decades will be spurred by growth in Asia. The region thus offers many interesting opportunities, and the business summit is an important arena for promoting Norwegian business interests in Asia,’ Mr Høglund pointed out.

This year’s Norway–Asia Business Summit is being arranged by the Norwegian Business Association (India). This is the first time that the summit, which is organised every year by Norwegian–Asian chambers of commerce, is to be held in India.

In connection with this visit, Mr Høglund will also have political talks with the Indian authorities.

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