The Government announces a stricter asylum policy

This content is more than 5 years old. The information may therefore be out of date.

It is necessary to review laws and regulations to reduce the number of asylum seekers coming to Norway.

'In a time where many asylum seekers come to Europe and Norway, there is a need for new measures to ensure that the asylum system works well. The Government will reduce benefits to residents in the reception centers, and put forward proposals for stricter asylum laws and stricter regulations for family immigration' says the Minister of Justice and Public Security, Mr. Anders Anundsen. 

The government intends to:

  1. reduce benefits for people living in reception centres by 20%; benefits for families with children will be reduced by 10%. 
  2. change the period of residence to become eligible for permanent residence from 3 to 5 years.
  3. issue temporary residence permits and facilitate return if the situation in the country of habitual residence changes. 
  4. use integration criteria for the granting of applications for permanent residence. 
  5. limit family reunification and family establishment rights for refugees: 
  6. collaborate with the Iraqi authorities to establish structures for return to safe areas of Iraq, so that Iraqis and internal refugees in Iraq who have been ordered to leave Norway can be referred for internal flight.