Political adviser Audun Halvorsen Marte Ziolkowski (C)

E-mail Marte-Line.Ziolkowski@fd.dep.no

Mr. Audun Halvorsen was appointed political adviser for The Ministry of Defence October 16th 2013 for The Conservative Party (Høyre).


Work experience:

2008-2013: Political Adviser on defence policy and foreign affairs for the Conservative Party Parliamentary Group.

2007-2008: Political Adviser on defence policy, scrutiny and constitutional affairs  for the Conservative Party Parliamentary Group.

2004-2007: Research assistant at the University of Oslo, Department of Political Science.



Mr. Halvorsen holds a Cand Mag. Degree in Political Science, Public Law and Private Law from the University of Oslo.

Participant at the Norwegian Defence University College Information Course, 2011.


Political background

Mr. Halvorsen has held various party and elected positions for The Conservative Party in Oslo.


Military service:

Served in the anti-aircraft warfare Battalion, Østfold Regiment, 1997–1998.

Audun Halvorsen
Audun Halvorsen (photo: Torgeir Haugaard, FMS).