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  • EEA and Norway Grants

    Subject Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    These pages provide information on Norway's contribution to reducing social and economic disparities within the European Economic Area (EEA).

  • Culture, sports and non-profit work

    Subject Ministry of Culture

    The cultural sector should be diverse, strong and independent. Culture expands our understanding of ourselves and the society in which we live. Sport and physical activity have great intrinsic value. Top-level and recreational sports should

  • International operations

    Subject Ministry of Defence

    Participation in international operations is an important and integral part of Norway’s security and defence policy, and a steadily increasing number of armed forces personnel will in future have served overseas. Since 1947 around 100,000 Norwegian

  • Immigration and integration

    Subject Ministry of Justice and Public Security, Ministry of Education and Research

    The Ministry of Justice has responsibility for the Government’s immigration and integration policy. The government is working to reduce the number of asylum seekers without the need for protection, faster settlements of persons who receive residence

  • Climate and environment

    Subject Ministry of Climate and Environment

    It is the Ministry of Climate and Environment that has chief responsibility for the Government’s environmental policy. Environmental policy cuts across ministerial boundaries and involves issues that are the responsibility of several different

  • Ecolabelling Norway

    External organization Ministry of Children and Families

    In Norway there are two official environmental labels, the Swan and the Flower. Their use is overseen by Ecolabelling Norway, a foundation whose leadership board is made up of representatives from the Ministry of Children and Equality, environmental

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  • Political Parties

    Subject Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation

    Registered political parties at national, county and municipal level, including the affiliated youth organisations at national and county level, may apply to the Ministry or to the County Governor for state grants. Grants are divided into vote

  • Food, fisheries and agriculture


    The Ministry of Agriculture and Food has chief responsibility for food policy and agricultural policy. The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries has chief responsibility for fisheries and the aquaculture industry, seafood safety and fish health

  • Board of Directors

    Councils and committees Ministry of Petroleum and Energy

    Petoro: Gunn Wærsted – chair Brian Bjordal – deputy chair Trude Haugen Fjeldstad – board member Per Arvid Schøyen – board member Hugo Sandal – board member Ragnar Sandvik - employee elected representative Anne-Cathrine Nilsen – employee elected

  • Committee of Digital Vulnerabilities in Society

    Councils and committees Ministry of Justice and Public Security

    Industrialized countries are in the midst of a transition. Analogous tools and infrastructures that where totally dominant a handful of decades ago, are rapidly - and to some extent unplanned and uncoordinated - being replaced with digital solutions

  • Postal services

    Subject Ministry of Transport

    Postal services in Norway shall ensure that all citizens have access to high quality basic postal services. This is achieved through legislation and concessions.

  • Norwegian Railway Authority

    External organization Ministry of Transport

    An administrative agency responsible for public interests in relation to safety issues on the railway. Oversees railway operators and handles applications for authorisation to engage in railway operation.

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  • The railways

    Subject Ministry of Transport

    The railways shall provide an environmentally friendly and attractive transport solution for both passengers and goods. Safety and fully operational services in rail traffic has high priorit

  • National Parents’ Committee for Kindergartens (FUB)

    External organization Ministry of Education and Research

    FUBs role is to ensure that the voices of parents are heard in debates on kindergarten policy, and it also acts as the Ministry of Education and Researchs advisory and consultative body representing parents interests.

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  • Vy Group

    External organization Ministry of Transport

    Vy Group (Vygruppen AS), formerly NSB - Norwegian State Railways, is a limited company wholly state-owned by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

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  • The Institute of Marine Research

    External organization Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries

    The Institute of Marine Research, with its head office in Bergen, serves in an advisory capacity to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries and performs key tasks in the investigation and monitoring of fish stocks and marine mammals, the

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  • Kommunalbanken

    External organization Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation

    The objective of Kommunalbanken is to provide loans to municipal and county authorities, inter-municipal companies and other companies that perform local government services.

  • Labour

    Subject Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

    It is the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs that has overriding responsibility for the Government’s labour policy.

  • The Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board

    External organization Ministry of Health and Care Services

    The Norwegian Biotechnology Advisory Board is an independent body consisting of 21 members appointed by the Norwegian government.

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  • The Government Building Complex

    Subject Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation

    Regjeringskvartalet, the government building complex, is located in central Oslo.The terror attack of 22 July 2011 caused considerable damage to several buildings. The offices of more than 1800 employees became unusable. New premises outside the

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