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  • The Norwegian Institute for Alcohol and Drug Research - SIRUS

    External organization Ministry of Health and Care Services

    The National Institute for Alcohol and Drug Research is an independent research institute.

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  • The Competition Authority

    External organization Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries

    The Competition Authority's main task is to enforce the Law on Competition. Businesses are obliged to inform the Competition Authority about mergers and acquisitions. The Authority can act on mergers and acquisitions that severly limits competition.

  • The Norwegian Seafood Council

    External organization Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries

    The Norwegian Seafood Council based in Tromsø, is responsible for joint marketing measures for fish and fish products at home and abroad. The Norwegian Seafood Council has local representatives in important markets around the world.

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  • NSD - Norwegian Centre for Research Data

    External organization Ministry of Education and Research

    NSD manages data and provides services for the research sector, and aims to improve opportunities and working conditions within Norwegian empirical research.

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  • The Central Bank of Norway (Norges Bank)

    External organization Ministry of Finance

    Norges Bank is the central bank of Norway and has the exclusive right to issue banknotes and coins. The bank is responsible for the execution of monetary and exchange rate policy. It is also responisble for analysing trends in the Norwegian economy,

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  • Foreign affairs

    Subject Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The main tasks of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are to promote Norway’s interests internationally and provide assistance to Norwegian nationals abroad. An important part of the Ministry’s work is to make sure that Norway ‘speaks with one voice’ in

  • State Ownership

    Subject Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries

    Reports and white papers on Norway's state ownership

  • Health and care

    Subject Ministry of Health and Care Services

    The Ministry of Health and Care Services has chief responsibility for health policy, public health, health services, municipal services for the elderly and disabled, health legislation and parts of social legislation in Norway.
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  • The National Archives Services of Norway (The National Archives and the regional state archives)

    External organization Ministry of Culture

    The National Archives Services comprehend the National Archives, the eight regional state archives, the Sámi Archives and the Norwegian Health Archives.

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  • Lotteries and gaming

    Subject Ministry of Culture

    The Ministry of Culture has the overarching responsibility for the administration of gaming and lotteries in Norway, with the exception of horse racing and horse trotting. The Norwegian Gaming and Foundation Authority is the specialist

  • Kommunalbanken

    External organization Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation

    The objective of Kommunalbanken is to provide loans to municipal and county authorities, inter-municipal companies and other companies that perform local government services.

  • Norwegian Railway Authority

    External organization Ministry of Transport

    An administrative agency responsible for public interests in relation to safety issues on the railway. Oversees railway operators and handles applications for authorisation to engage in railway operation.

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  • Universities and University Colleges

    External organization Ministry of Education and Research

    Norway currently has 10 universities, 6 university colleges and 5 scientific colleges owned by the state. Here you will find general information about them. Norway also has a large number of private higher education institutions, 15 of which receive

  • Labour

    Subject Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

    It is the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs that has overriding responsibility for the Government’s labour policy.

  • Postal services

    Subject Ministry of Transport

    Postal services in Norway shall ensure that all citizens have access to high quality basic postal services. This is achieved through legislation and concessions.

  • Norad

    External organization Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Norad’s primary functions are to advise the aid administration, provide funding for Norwegian and international development NGOs, and carry out quality assurance and evaluation of Norway’s development co-operation activities.

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  • The High North


    The world is turning its attention towards the North where Norway has key interests to pursue. By investing in knowledge, business development and international cooperation we are strengthening Norway’s position as a responsible actor and partner in

  • Psychiatric health

    Subject Ministry of Health and Care Services

    One priority area of the Government is to strengthen the range of services to persons suffering from psychiatric ailments. Based on coping and user perspectives, the services are to contribute to better living conditions for those with psychiatric

  • Law and order

    Subject Ministry of Justice and Public Security

    The Government is working to ensure safe communities, to reduce everyday crime, and the individual's need for legal protection and Security.

  • Committee on the long-term consequences of high immigration

    Councils and committees Ministry of Justice and Public Security

    Committee that will submit a report by 1 February 2017.

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