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  • The Research Council of Norway

    External organization Ministry of Education and Research

    The Research Council of Norway is a national strategic body for research. It manages research funding from all of the Norwegian ministries, and allocates funds to basic and applied research and innovation within all fields and disciplines.

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  • National Parents’ Committee for Primary and Secondary Education (FUG)

    External organization Ministry of Education and Research

    FUG’s role is to ensure that the voices of parents are heard in debates on education policy, and it also acts as the Ministry of Education and Research’s advisory and consultative body representing parents’ interests.

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  • Child Welfare Service Conflict Resolution Board

    External organization Ministry of Children and Families

    The state and municipal levels of Norway's child welfare service sometimes find themselves in disagreement over problem-solving approaches and financial responsibility. To avoid long and expensive processes while making sure that cases are handled

  • New Combat Aircraft for the Norwegian Armed Forces

    Topic Ministry of Defence

    Welcome to, the Norwegian Ministry of Defence's homepage for the acquisition of new combat aircraft for the Norwegian Armed Forces. Norway plans an acquisition of up to 52 F-35A.

  • The Consumer Dispute Commission

    External organization Ministry of Children and Families

    The Consumer Dispute Commission is an arbiter of conflicts, particularly those related to goods and building-trade services in which consumers (perhaps with help from the Consumer Council of Norway) have tried and failed to reach an amicable

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  • The Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety

    External organization Ministry of Health and Care Services

    The Norwegian Scientific Committe for Food Safety was established by the Ministry of Health on 1 April 2004 when the administration of food saftey in Norway was reorganised.

  • Defence

    Topic Ministry of Defence

    The principal objective of Norwegian security policy is to safeguard Norway’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and political freedom of action.

  • Forestry

    Topic Ministry of Agriculture and Food

    Forest industry is important to Norway. Active and profitable forestry and a competitive forest industry is of importance to settlement, employment and business development in large parts of the country. The potential for increased value creation is

  • Climate and environment

    Topic Ministry of Climate and Environment

    It is the Ministry of Climate and Environment that has chief responsibility for the Government’s environmental policy. Environmental policy cuts across ministerial boundaries and involves issues that are the responsibility of several different

  • Committee of Digital Vulnerabilities in Society

    Councils and committees Ministry of Justice and Public Security

    Industrialized countries are in the midst of a transition. Analogous tools and infrastructures that where totally dominant a handful of decades ago, are rapidly - and to some extent unplanned and uncoordinated - being replaced with digital solutions

  • Ecolabelling Norway

    External organization Ministry of Children and Families

    In Norway there are two official environmental labels, the Swan and the Flower. Their use is overseen by Ecolabelling Norway, a foundation whose leadership board is made up of representatives from the Ministry of Children and Equality, environmental

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  • Innovation Norway

    External organization Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries

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  • The economy

    Topic Ministry of Finance

    In the Government, it is the Minister of Finance’s responsibility to draw up and coordinate economic policy. The Ministry of Finance acts as the secretariat for the Minister of Finance. It is the political authorities - the Government and the

  • National Police Directorate

    External organization Ministry of Justice and Public Security

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  • The Directorate of Fisheries

    External organization Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries

    The Directorate of Fisheries, with its head office in Bergen, serves as the Ministry’s advisory and executive body in matters pertaining to fishing and the management of aquaculture.The main tasks involve regulation, guidance, supervision, resource

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  • ICT policy

    Topic Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation

    The aim of the ICT policy is to influence ICT development in order to achieve simplification and efficiency improvement in the public sector, further innovation and value creation in the business sector and secure a sustainable and inclusive

  • Culture, sports and non-profit work

    Topic Ministry of Culture

    The cultural sector should be diverse, strong and independent. Culture expands our understanding of ourselves and the society in which we live. Sport and physical activity have great intrinsic value. Top-level and recreational sports should

  • Research

    Topic Ministry of Education and Research

    The Government attaches great importance to research and knowledge, both as political objectives on their own and as the basis for policy in other areas. The Government has drawn up a long-term plan for research and higher education for 2015-2024,

  • EEA and Norway Grants

    Topic Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    These pages provide information on Norway's contribution to reducing social and economic disparities within the European Economic Area (EEA).

  • The coronavirus situation


    A previously unknown coronavirus has spread from China to large parts of the world, including Europe and Norway. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic. The health authorities are now implementing