Section for Nutrition and Food Safety

The Section is responsible for health promotion and illness prevention efforts within the areas of food safety and diet.

The Section’s areas of responsibility comprise nutrition, drinking water, food safety, food labelling, cosmetics and genetically modified food. 

The Section is responsible for the Food Act with accompanying regulations, where much of the rules are EEA-based. In addition to EU/EEA work, CODEX Alimentarius and other international work form an important task for the Section.

The Section is responsible for health emergency preparedness in the areas of foodborne illness and drinking water, as well as technical oversight of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries).

Furthermore, the Section is responsible for following-up dietary policy and the ​Partnership for a healthier diet which the Minister of Health and Care Services has with the business sector.