Subordinate agencies

  • Norwegian Building Authority

    The Norwegian Building Authority is the main agency for implementing building policy.

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  • Norwegian Communications Authority

    An administrative agency responsible for administering legislation in the post and telecommunications area and for competition regulation. Adopts and supervises compliance with regulations, oversees actors in the post and telecommunications area and is responsible for standardisation, awarding and control of licences and frequency management.

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  • The Centre of Competence on Rural Development

    The Centre of Competence on Rural Development (Distriktssenteret) is an independent government agency dedicated to strengthen rural municipalities and regions’ ability to develop attractive communities.

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  • The Norwegian Digitalisation Agency

    The Norwegian Digitalisation Agency is the Norwegian government’s foremost tool for digitalisation of the public sector. The Norwegian Digitalisation Agency operates and develops important national solutions and ensures the strategic coordination of digitalisation in the sector. The Norwegian Digitalisation Agency’s target groups are central and local government authorities, the business and voluntary sectors, and the general public.

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  • The Norwegian Mapping Authority

    The Norwegian Mapping Authority is responsible for providing nationwide geographic information and services to private and public users. It also serves as the central government´s professional body in the area of maps and geodata and handles the administrative tasks associated with this.

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  • The Norwegian State Housing Bank

    The Norwegian State Housing Bank is the government's main implementing agency for for housing policy, and uses financial measures to facilitate the achievement of housing policy goals.

  • The Rent Disputes Tribunal in Oslo and Akershus

    The Rent Disputes Tribunal is an alternative to the Conciliation Court and the courts for the purpose of resolving disputes between landlords and tenants of residential property.