The gift reinforcement programme for artistic and cultural purposes

The gift reinforcement programme is an incentive scheme aimed at stimulating increased private sector funding for art and culture in the form of monetary donations. Recipients of such donations receive an additional gift reinforcement sum to spend on measures to boost their efforts in line with their artistic and cultural aims and plans.

There has always been a great deal of interest in and support for the scheme, which includes gifts to all museums, the music, literature and performing arts field, visual arts and cultural buildings.

Processing of applications

Applications for gift reinforcement, including all required details and documentation, should be submitted to the Ministry of Culture. Applications must be marked ‘Gift reinforcement’, and sent by email to

Applications are processed after expiry of the application deadline on 31 March (same deadline every year). Approved applications will receive a gift reinforcement sum once the financial framework for the scheme has been determined. The framework is normally set in May each year.