State Secretary Rikard Gaarder Knutsen (Progress Party)


Born: 1994
Appointed: 22/01/2019


Aug 2000–June 2007

Sydskogen school                                                   

Aug 2008–Juni 2010

Slemmestad Secondary School                                            



 Aug 2010 – Juni 2012                               Åssiden Upper Secondary School

Technical and industrial production. Vehicles, department of light vehicles.    



Aug 2012–Aug 2014

Apprentice, light vehicles, Albjerk Bil Lier.


Completed apprenticeship at Albert Bil Lier. Sertified automobil mechanic.

Aug 2014–April 2015

Auto mechanic, Albjerk Bil Lier.


Worked as an auto mechanic at Albjerk Bil Lier, spezialised at Volkswagen automobil. 


April 2015 – Des 2015

Organization's advisor, Progress Party's Youth.

 Des 2015 – Des 2016              


 Des 2016 – Aug 2018


Aug 2018 – Des 2018


Des 2018 – Jan 2019


Jan 2019 – pr.dd



Political Advisor - Progress Party's parliamentary group. Transport and communcation.


Political Advisor for Minister Ketil Solvik-Olsen, Ministry of Transport and Communication. 

Political Advisor for Minister Bård Hoksrud, Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

State Secretary for Minister Bård Hoksurd, Ministry of Agriculture and Food.


State Secretary for Minister Kjell Børge Freiberg, Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.



2009 - 2010                                                                                            Board member, Buskerud Progress Party's Youth

2012 - 2014                                                                                            Leader of Buskerud Progress Party's Youth

2014 - 2015                                                                                            Leader of Røyen Progress Party

2015 - pr. dd                                                                                          Representative of Røyken municipal council 

2018 - pr. dd                                                                                          Board member of Viken Progress Party


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