Invitation to tender: Regional Air Services in Norway as of 1 April 2000

IV Tender requirements

1. General requirements

The requirements to the tender and the tender procedure appear from enclosed impositions of public service obligations, invitation to tender and regulation on tender procedures in connection with public service obligations, etc.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications would like to point out the following:

a)Tenders shall be drawn up in either English or a Scandinavian language.

b)On scheduled air services it might be required from Norway Post to carry post. Such requirement will be compensated for, cf. the Norwegian Postal Act, section 16. Further information may be obtained from Norway Post.


c)The tenderer must have fulfilled obligations relating to the payment of taxes and levies in accordance with national laws of the state in which he is established. A certificate proving this and issued by the competent authority in the state concerned shall be annexed to the tender.

d)Any reservations regarding the tender must be clearly indicated, as well as any consequences this may have for the contract, cf. chapter X. Tenderers cannot make reservations which imply that the compensation shall be adjusted according to actual revenues or costs generated by the service, as this would be in conflict with the conditions set out in chapter III, section 7.

e)Tenderers are fully responsible for offering traffic programmes in accordance with the public service obligations at all times. Traffic programmes must be included in the tenders submitted, including a specification of the number of seats offered on each route encompassed by the public service obligations, as this might be a criterion for awarding contracts, cf. chapter III, section 5. For tender 1A the relevant number of seats in this connection shall be defined as the total number of seats offered to and from Kirkenes, Alta, Hammerfest and Vadsø. Tenderers are also informed that there is no service obligation on Christmas Day and on Good Friday.

f)The discounts available under the interline agreements (e.g. "Midipris" and "Minipris") shall be offered both for the routes encompassed by the public service obligations and for connecting traffic.

2. Technical and operational requirements

The tenderers must prove that they hold the required technical and operational qualifications in order to operate the air services in question. If the tenderers cannot prove this satisfactorily by the deadline to submit tenders, the tender must give an account for how the requirements can be fulfilled by 1 April 2000.

The tenderers must hold a valid licence and Air Operator’s Certificate, c.f. Council Regulation (EEC) No 2407/92 of 23 July 1992 on licensing of air carriers (

Aircraft (fixed-wing) operations shall be in accordance with JAR-OPS 1, cf. Norwegian Regulation for the implementation of operational requirements in accordance with JAR-OPS 1, Commercial Air Transportation – Aeroplanes.

For the helicopter operations optional for tender 6, the tenderer shall have a valid AOC issued in accordance with JAR-OPS 3.

The tenderers must fulfil the Norwegian regulations in force at the time in question.

The tenderers must be able to prove that they are operational by the start up of the operations 1 April 2000.

Please note that the Ministry of Transport and Communications after the opening of the tenders may require the tenderers on short notice to submit information from their licensing authorities in order to verify the information given in the tenders, or if such information is not submitted, may directly approach these authorities for such verification.

The tenders will, regarding techincal and operational requirements, be evaluated by Luftfartsverket (CAA Norway) before the tender award is made.

Further information may be obtained from:

Luftfartsverket (CAA)


Wergelandsveien 1

P O Box 8124 Dep

N-0032 Oslo

Tel.: + 47 22 94 20 00


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