Invitation to tender: Regional Air Services in Norway as of 1 April 2000

Deadline to submit tenders is Friday 25 June 1999 at 1500 hrs.

Invitation to tender

Regional Air Services in Norway as of 1 April 2000


  • linkdoc028005-990074#docI Information about the tender process
  • linkdoc029001-990004#docII Impositions of public service obligations
  • linkdoc028001-990176#docIII Invitation to tender
  • linkdoc028001-990174#docIV Tender requirements
  • linkdoc028001-990175#docV Tender budget
  • linkdoc028005-990083#docVI Social discounts
  • linkdoc028005-990084#docVII Traffic information (guidance only)
  • linkdoc028005-990085#docVIII Regulation on Tender Procedures in connection with Public Service Obligations to implement Council Regulation (EEC) No 2408/92, Article 4(1)
  • linkdoc028005-990086#docIX Council regulation (EEC) No 2408/92of 23 July 1992 on access for Community air carriers to intra-Community air routes
  • linkdoc028005-990075#docX Standard contract for scheduled air services
  • linkdoc028005-990076#docXI Rules for public acquisition – requirements regarding presentation of tax certificate
  • linkdoc028001-990173#docXII Procedures in connection with traffic programmes and fares for scheduled air services in Norway
  • linkdoc028001-990172#docXIII Lifting of public service obligations imposed in 1996 on scheduled air services in Norway
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