Grant scheme for global security measures

The Ministry wants to enhance our global security by combat radicalisation and violent extremism, reduce illicit trace and organised crime, prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and promote transatlantic security and Nato Cooperation.

(Budget item 119.70)

Objective and target group

The objective of the grant scheme is to enhance our collective security and strengthen the capacity of the Norwegian authorities to:

  • Combat radicalisation and violent extremism
  • Reduce illicit trace and organised crime, including piracy and ICT crime
  • Prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and materials that can be used for the development of such weapons
  • Promote transatlantic security and Nato cooperation through knowledge-sharing and dialogue on current security policy issues.

The target group for the grant scheme is the people living in Nato countries and/or in vulnerable and fragile regions.

Allocation criteria

The purpose of the project must be consistent with the objective of the grant scheme. Of particular relevance are:

  • Projects that increase the authorities' awareness of transnational terrorist networks.
  • Projects that strengthen security and justice sector cooperation on preventing and averting terrorist attacks.
  • Projects that strengthen regional and international coordination of efforts to combat terrorism and violent extremism.
  • Analyses of how international organised crime affects Norway.
  • Projects that increase knowledge and awareness about global digital threats and challenges.
  • Projects that strengthen interministerial coordination and highlight Norwegian interests in the context of international cyber policy.
  • Projects that promote new knowledge and discussions of relevant security policy issues of relevance for Norway and our Allies in Nato.
  • Projects that strengthen transatlantic cooperation between Norwegian, US, and European experts.

Potential grant recipients are:

Potential grant recipients are mainly Norwegian and international organisations, Norwegian public institutions, and Norwegian and international research communities that can contribute to achieving the objective of the grant scheme.


In order to enter into a grant agreement with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), the applicant must be a legal person. As a rule, applicants are requested to use the application form for this grant scheme.

If this application form is not used, it should be referred to as a checklist by the applicant, and by the programme officer when processing the application, to ensure that the necessary elements have been included.

Priority will not be given to applicants that have previously been found to have poor administrative capacity and financial management, or that have achieved poor results.

In order to ensure effective use and administration of funds, grants of less than NOK 200 000 will only be awarded in exceptional cases.

In the evaluation of the application, emphasis will be placed on projects where:

  • The applicant can document close contact with relevant partners
  • The applicant demonstrates good insight into the issues concerned and has set clear, achievable goals for the project.
  • The applicant can document relevant qualifications/skills/expertise, including the results of any previous efforts in the field, and can specify the added value that it will bring to the project in addition to financial support.
  • The applicant brings additional funding or resources.
  • Funding may be awarded for up to three years, subject to approval by the Storting.

Funding will not be provided for:

  • Financing the export or import of goods or services
  • Marketing goods or services.

The grant recipient must ensure that the grant is utilised in accordance with the agreement. The MFA practises zero tolerance in relation to financial irregularities, such as corruption, fraud, theft, embezzlement, use of funds in breach of the agreement, or failure to account for the use of funds in an acceptable way. The policy of zero tolerance applies to all persons, organisations and governments that administer funds allocated by the Ministry. The grant recipient is responsible for preventing and detecting any financial irregularities.

The following four cross-cutting issues shall be taken properly into account:

  • Human rights, with a particular focus on participation, accountability and non-discrimination
  • Women's rights and gender equality
  • Climate change and environment
  • Anti-corruption

Grant recipients shall identify material risk factors that may have a negative impact on the four cross-cutting issues, and shall analyse and manage these risk factors throughout the project cycle. The risk assessment shall be scaled to the significance of the project, including its scope and duration. The grant manager has an independent responsibility to consider whether risk assessment and risk management by the grant recipient provide sufficient security that unintended negative effects will be avoided.

Rules on state aid

Projects supported under this scheme must comply with the provisions in the EEA Agreement on state aid, see the Act relating to state aid. If funding is provided for entities that are engaged in commercial activities (i.e. provide goods or services to a market), the grant must comply with the de minimis exemption or the block exemption. These exemptions have been implemented in Norwegian law through the regulations of 14 November 2008 No. 1213 relating to exemptions from the duty to notify measures to the EFTA Surveillance Authority for approval.

Application process and deadline

The application is to be sent electronically on the relevant application form to: with a copy to the Section for Global Security and Disarmament ( and the Section for Security Policy and North America (, with clear indication that the application is for a grant under the grant scheme for global security measures.

Enquiries may also be sent to the Section for Global Security and Disarmament ( and the Section for Security Policy and North America ( at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, PO Box 8114, Dep. 0032 Oslo, Norway.

Application deadline: Ongoing.

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