Meld. St. 18 (2012-2013)

Long-term perspectives – knowledge provides opportunity — Meld. St. 18 (2012–2013) Report to the Storting (White Paper) Summary

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6 Key measures

In addition to a long-term national plan, the white paper Long-term perspectives – knowledge provides opportunity (Meld. St. 18 (2012–2013)) proposes that priority is given to:

  • increasing allocations to research;

  • assessing whether the overall funding of universities and university colleges is suitable for fostering high quality in research and education and encouraging institutions to focus on fields in which they have special advantages;

  • drawing up a strategy for research cooperation with Europe to ensure the stipulation of clear objectives and priorities;

  • consolidating the cooperation within existing bilateral research agreements with priority countries outside of Europe, rather than expanding the number of such agreements;

  • introducing a trial scheme for tenure-track positions for especially talented, younger researchers in mathematics and natural sciences, technology, medicine and dentistry;

  • drawing up a plan to reduce the number of temporary positions and, when needed, require institutions to prepare action plans to encourage this;

  • introducing a donation matching scheme to provide a stronger incentive for institutions that conduct basic research to obtain donations from the private sector;

  • assessing the possibility of introducing a scheme to increase the number of doctoral degrees in public institutions similar to the existing Industrial Ph.D. Scheme;

  • promoting the establishment of infrastructure and support systems for research and development in municipal and county services;

  • developing an overall system for analysing and conveying industry’s need for knowledge in order to create a better foundation for targeted educational programmes and to make informed educational choices;

  • encouraging a greater flow of knowledge and increased openness: Ensure that research results are made available and disseminated in language that allows users to apply the knowledge;

  • put more focus on linking research and education, in part through student involvement in research. The Government is also asking the institutions to consider giving a financial reward to academic personnel who assume responsibility for education and work to develop quality indicators for educational activity.