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Forms from the Ministry of Justice and Public Security

Here you can download forms and questionnaires to fill in and/or print.

Please note that in order to see all the forms from the Ministry (in Norwegian and Sami), you have to view this page in Norwegian.

Norway has signed the Hague Convention of 25 October 1980 on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. The convention provides guidelines on how a case is to be handled when a child is wrongfully removed from Norway to another contracting state.

The application form below must be completed and sent to:
The Ministry of Justice and Public Security
P.O. Box 8005 Dep
0030 Oslo

For further information, please see www.barnebortføring.no

Form No. GA-9102 in English:

Form No. GA-9102 in Norwegian (bokmål):

He or she that has taken possession of an estate for administration and distribution out of court, may authorize, by Power of Attorney, another person to undertake the administration and distribution. Any legally capable person may act as legal representative, however, normally, such a power of attorney is issued to an attorney or other trusted person, e.g. to the principal’s brother or sister, or one of his own children.

Please see further details in the form’s explanatory text while completing.  

Download form No. GA-5339 in English:

Download form No. GA-5339 in Norwegian (bokmål) and English (parallel text):

Download form No. GA-5339 in Norwegian (nynorsk) and English (parallel text):


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