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2 Studies on Foreign...

2 Studies on Foreign Policy Issues

Studies on Foreign Policy Issues is a series of reports on a wide range of topical issues commissioned by the Policy Planning and Evaluation Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The purpose of the series is to make these studies available to the public and to encourage debate on questions that may be relevant to Norwegian foreign policy.

1:99 Regionalisering i Europa og norsk utenrikspolitikk (Regionalization in Europe and Norwegian Foreign Policy)*, J.E. Grindheim, January 1999

2:99 Nye aktører i norsk utenrikspolitikk (New Actors in Norwegian Foreign Policy)*, T.L. Knutsen, January 1999

3:99 Regional stabilitet i Sørøst-Europa i lys av Kosovo-konflikten (Regional Stability in Southeastern Europe in the Light of the Kosovo Conflict)*, E. Barth Eide, N. Græger, B. Holmen, K. Osland, S. Ulriksen, May 1999

4:99 Options and Trade-offs: Means and Measures in the Implementation of Norwegian Human Rights Policy, Tostensen and F. Grünfeld, June 1999

5:99 Liberalization of Trade in Producer Services – the Impact on Developing Countries, H. Kyvik Nordås and J. Hodge, October 1999

6:99 Med status quo som målsetning – Norge og endringene i europeisk sikkerhetspolitikk (With Status Quo as the Goal – Norway and the Changes in European Security Policy)*, H. Sjursen, October 1999

7:99 Understanding Turkey’s Kurdish Dilemma, P. Tank, November 1999

8:99 Sexual Violence in the Conflicts in ex-Yugoslavia, I. Skjelsbæk, December 1999

1:00 Europeisk sikkerhet i en foranderlig tid: – En analyse av Norges utenriks- og sikkerhetspolitiske handlingsrom (European Security in a Time of Change: An analysis of Norway’s room for manoeuvre in foreign and security policy)*, A. Granviken, A. Kjølberg, B. O. Knutsen, M. Ruge Holte, F. Aagaard, January 2000

2:00 Oppbrudd og fornyelse – Norsk utenrikskulturell politikk 2001-2005 (Upheaval and Renewal – Norwegian Cultural Policy Abroad)*, M. Lending, January 2000

3:00 EUs utvidelse – Konsekvenser for norsk utenrikspolitikk (EU Enlargement – Consequences for Norwegian Foreign Policy)*, H. Blakkisrud, J. Godzimirski, S. Melby, M. Sæter, May 2000

4:00 Nationalism and the Russian political spectrum: Locating and evaluating the extremes, S.G. Simonsen, September 2000.

* Available only in Norwegian

Published by:

Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

7. juni plassen/Victoria Terrasse

P.O. Box 8114 Dep.

N-0032 Oslo

September 2000

Internet-address: http://odin.dep.no/ud/

E-mail: eval@mfa.no

ISSN 1502-1416

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