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This is a list of selected plans and strategies from The Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministries. 

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  • The Press and Communications Division

    The Press and Communications Division deals with press enquiries to the Ministry’s political leadership and the Ministry. The Division also helps to locate the correct department or case officer for background material and information. The Press and

    Department director: Head of Communications Nina Kraugerud Ertzaas

  • Business cooperation abroad

    One of the most important tasks of the Foreign Service is to promote Norway’s business interests abroad. Internationalisation is crucial for maintaining the competitiveness of the Norwegian business sector, and high priority is given to supporting

  • Organisation


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    State Secretary Odd Steinar Åfar Viseth (Labour Party)

    Odd Steinar Åfar Viseth

    Appointed: 01/03/2022


  • The National Budget 2022

    Information about Norway's National Budget for 2022, presented to the Storting as Report no. 1 (2021-2022) on 12 October 2021. The National Budget presents the Solberg Government's programme for the implementation of economic policy and projections

  • Norad

    Norad’s primary functions are to advise the aid administration, provide funding for Norwegian and international development NGOs, and carry out quality assurance and evaluation of Norway’s development co-operation activities.

    Web page:

  • Press Office

    The Press Office works as the information adviser for the political and administrative management, as well as for the nine departments.

    Department director: Head of Communications Trude Larstad

  • Communication

    Department director: Acting Head of Communication Camilla Pettersen

  • Carbon capture and storage - CCS

    Various governments have worked to realize a full-scale project for capture, transport and storage of CO2 (CCS) in Norway. The Norwegian Parliament approved the Solberg government's full-scale CO2 management project in Meld. St. 33 (2019-2020)

  • Defence

    The principal objective of Norwegian security policy is to safeguard Norway’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and political freedom of action.

  • Communications adviser Kari Asheim

    Kari Asheim

    Speech-writer and press contact


  • Foreign affairs

    The main tasks of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are to promote Norway’s interests internationally and provide assistance to Norwegian nationals abroad. An important part of the Ministry’s work is to make sure that Norway ‘speaks with one voice’ in

  • Roads

    A wide-reaching and well maintained road network is one of the important premises for road safety, wealth creation and developing and sustaining demographics nationwide.

  • Government Delegation in Oslo 1945

    At the German capitulation in Norway on 8 May 1945, Vidkun Quisling's illegal government was dissolved. In agreement with the resistance movement Home Front, Johan Nygaardsvold's Government in London had appointed eight chief officers to lead the

  • John Lyng s Government

    Conservative Party (H), Christian Democratic Party (KrF), Centre Party (Sp) and Liberal Party (V)

  • Lars Korvald's Government

    Christian Democratic Partty (KrF), Liberal Party (V) and Centre Party (Sp)

  • Odvar Nordli's Government

    Labour Party (A)

  • Second Wedel Government

    The change between the First Wedel Government and the Second Wedel Government and its Continuation, took place at the appointment of former Minister of Finance Herman Wedel Jarlsberg as the Swedish-Norwegian King’s Governor-General in Norway on 19

  • Emil Stang's Second Government

    Conservative Party (H)

  • Jens Bratlie's Government

    Conservative Party (H) and Moderate Liberal Party (MV)