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This is a list of selected plans and strategies from The Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministries. 

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  • The Hurdal's platform: A government for ordinary people

    The Hurdal's platform is the platform of the government formed by the Labour Party and the Center Party. The Government took seat 14 October 2021. The introduction, the chapter on defence policy "A defence by and for the people" and the foreign

  • Statement on the attacks in Kongsberg

    This is an important day for those of us who have been given responsibility as members of the new Government. It is also a very strange day on which to present a new Government.

    By Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre

  • New state secretaries

    Following the change of government at 12:00 noon today, where Jonas Gahr Støre’s government succeeded Erna Solberg’s government, the King has appointed a number of state secretaries in a Council of State.

  • Fields of responsibility in Jonas Gahr Støre’s government

    Having been appointed by the King in a session of the Council of State at 10:00 am today, Jonas Gahr Støre’s government met for its first Council of State session at the Royal Palace at 12:00 noon. Here, the division of responsibilities between the

  • New political advisers

    Following the change of government at 12:00 noon today, where Jonas Gahr Støre’s government succeeded Erna Solberg’s government, the Office of the Prime Minister has appointed a number of political advisers.

  • The Central Government's Outstanding Debt

    The Central Government's Outstanding Debt contains tables describing the debt issued by the State of Norway.

  • Questions and answers about the Longship project

    Here you find the most usual questions we receive about the fullscale CO₂ carbon capture, transport and storage project Longship.

  • Meld. St. 1 (2021–2022) National Budget 2022 - Chapter 3.1

    Norwegian National Budget 2022 Chapter 3.1 Fiscal policy (Solberg Government).

  • Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM)

    Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) is the world's largest facility for testing and development of carbon capture technologies. TCM has been in operation since May 2012 and is an arena for targeted testing and qualification of technology for industrial

  • International cooperation on CCS

    International cooperation is important in order to develop and commercialise CO2 capture, transport and storage (CCS) as an efficient climate tool. Norway cooperates with several countries through existing programs and institutions. Europe is an

  • What is Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)?

    Why Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)? CCS is short for carbon capture and storage and refers to the capture, transport and storage of CO₂. Carbon capture, utilisation and storage, or CCUS, is another term that is widely used. With CCUS, the CO2 is

  • Whaling

    As a part of old traditions in Norway, hunting for minke whale is being done in Norwegian waters. After a five year break, whaling started up again in 1993. In Norway, whale hunting has always been done in combination with traditional fisheries.

  • Offshore Energy Act

    The Act applies to Norway’s territorial sea outside the baselines and to the continental shelf, but individual provisions can also be made applicable to internal waters.

  • Meld. St. 1 (2021–2022) National Budget 2022 - Chapter 2.1

    Norwegian National Budget 2022 Chapter 2.1 Norwegian economy (Solberg Government).

  • Labour market measures

    Labour market measures, or active labour market policy, is one of the most important group of policy instruments aimed at promoting a well-functioning labour market. Labour market measures aim at contributing to increased employment, reduced

  • Norway’s oil history in 5 minutes

    In the late 1950s, very few people believed that the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS) might conceal rich oil and gas deposits. However, the discovery of gas at Groningen in the Netherlands in 1959 caused people to revise their thinking on the

  • Organisation Chart Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Organisational Chart, October 2021

  • Prop. 1 LS (2021–2022) - Taxes 2022

    Prop. 1 LS (2021–2022) Proposition to the Storting (bill and draft resolution) For the Fiscal Year 2022

  • Management plans for marine areas

    The purpose of the management plans is to facilitate value creation while also maintaining natural diversity. The Ministry of Climate and Environment is responsible for work with the management plans. Marine management is important in Norway, we

  • Recreational fisheries

    Recreational fisheries is an important part of norwegian coastal culture. This is mirrored in a liberal set of rules applying to norwegian recreational fishermen.