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Change of state secretary in Ministry of Petroleum and Energy

Historical archive

Published under: Bondevik's 2nd Government

Publisher The Office of the Prime Minister

Press release

No.: 30/2004
Date: 27 February 2004

Change of state secretary
in Ministry of Petroleum and Energy

In today’s session of the Council of State, the Prince Regent has appointed Mr. Øyvind Håbrekke (34), political advisor, Oslo, as state secretary in the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. At the same time Ms. Brit Skjelbred was honourably discharged from the office as state secretary in the same ministry.

Mr. Håbrekke comes from the post as political advisor in the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, a post he has held since 23 October 2001.

The list of state secretaries now looks as below. The Government represents the Conservative Party (C), the Christian Democratic Party (Chr.) and the Liberal Party (Lib.)

Office of the Prime Minister:
Ms. Kari Husøy (Chr.)
Mr. Eirik Moen (C)
Mr. Gunnar Kvassheim (Lib.)
Mr. Odd Jostein Sæter (Chr.)
Mr. Gunnar Husan (Chr.)
Ms. Siv Nordrum (Chr.)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
Mr. Kim Traavik (C)
Mr. Vidar Helgesen (C)
Ms. Thorhild Widwey (C)

Ministry of Finance:
Mr. Øystein Børmer (C)
Ms. Kari Elisabeth Olrud Moen (C)
Mr. Harald Solberg (Chr.)

Ministry of Health:
Ms. Kristin Ravnanger (Chr.)

Ministry of Agriculture:
Mr. Leif Helge Kongshaug (Lib.)

Ministry of Justice and the Police:
Major General Jørn Holme (Lib.)
Ms. Rita Sletner (Lib.)

Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs:
Revd. Berit Øksnes Gjerløw (Chr.)
Mr. Yngve Slettholm (Chr.)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (international development affairs):
Mr. Olav Kjørven (Chr.)

Ministry of Petroleum and Energy:
Mr. Øyvind Håbrekke (Chr.)

Ministry of Children and Family Affairs:
Mr. Hans Olav Syversen (Chr.)

Ministry of Education and Research:
Mr. Bjørn Haugstad (C)
Mr. Helge Ole Bergesen (C)

Ministry of Fisheries:
Ms. Janne Johnsen (C)

Ministry of Labour and Government Administration:
Mr. Lars Arne Ryssdal (C)
Mr. Osmund Kaldheim (C)

Ministry of Social Affairs:
Mr. Jan Otto Risebrobakken (C)

Ministry of Trade and Industry:
Ms. Helle Hammer (C)
Mr. Oluf Ulseth (C)

Ministry of Transport and Communications:
Mr. Arnfinn Torbjørn Ellingsen (Lib.)

Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development:
Mr. Anders Johan Henrik Eira (C)
Mr. Frank Jenssen (C)
Ms. Cathrin Bretzeg (C)

Ministry of Defence:
Mr. Bård Glad Pedersen (C)

Ministry of the Environment:
Mr. Lars Jacob Hiim (C)