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Stoltenberg’s second government succeeds Bondevik’s government

Historical archive

Published under: Bondevik's 2nd Government

Publisher The Office of the Prime Minister

Press release

No.: 178/2005
Date: 17 October 2005

Stoltenberg’s second government succeeds Bondevik’s government

Following the resignation submitted by Kjell Magne Bondevik’s second government in the extraordinary session of the Council of State on 14 October, the King in the Council’s session at 11 am today accepted the resignation as of 1 pm today. At the same time, the King appointed Jens Stoltenberg’s second government to take over at 1 pm today.

As of 1 pm today the King will also accept the resignations of the state secretaries appointed under Mr. Bondevik’s government, while the resignations of the outgoing government’s political advisors will be accepted by the Office of the Prime Minister, also as of 1 pm today.

In an extraordinary session of the Council of State at 1 pm today, where Mr. Stoltenberg’s second government will meet for the first time, the King will decide the distribution of ministries in the new government. Also, a number of state secretaries will be appointed.

The new government represents the Labour Party (Ap), the Socialist Left Party (SV) and the Centre Party (Sp). It has the following members:

Prime Minister:
Mr. Jens Stoltenberg (46), Member of Parliament, Oslo (Ap)

Minister of Finance:
Ms. Kristin Halvorsen (45), Member of Parliament, Oslo (SV)

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development :
Ms. Åslaug Marie Haga (45), Member of Parliament, Ås (Sp)

Minister of Foreign Affairs:
Mr. Jonas Gahr Støre (45), general secretary, Oslo (Ap)

Minister of Defence:
Ms. Anne-Grete Strøm-Erichsen (55), Member of Parliament, Bergen (Ap)

Minister of the Environment:
Ms. Helen Oddveig Bjørnøy (51), general secretary, Drammen (SV)

Minister of Petroleum and Energy:
Mr. Odd Roger Enoksen (51), manager, Andenes (Sp)

Minister of Development Cooperation:
Mr. Erik Solheim (50), special advisor, Oslo (SV)

Minister of Trade and Industry:
Mr. Odd Eriksen (50), county councillor, Mosjøen (Ap)

Minister of Transport and Communications:
Ms. Liv Signe Navarsete (47), Member of Parliament, Lærdal (Sp)

Minister of Knowledge:
Mr. Øystein Kåre Djupedal (45), Member of Parliament, Trondheim (SV)

Minister of Labour and Social Affairs:
Mr. Bjarne Håkon Hanssen (42), Member of Parliament, Namsos (Ap)

Minister of Justice:
Mr. Knut Storberget (41), Member of Parliament, Elverum (Ap)

Minister of Equality and Consumer Affairs:
Ms. Karita Bekkemellem (40), Member of Parliament, Molde (Ap)

Minister of Culture and Church Affairs:
Mr. Trond Giske (38), Member of Parliament, Trondheim (Ap)

Minister of Health and Care Services:
Ms. Sylvia Kristin Brustad (38), Member of Parliament, Vang (Ap)

Minister of Renewal :
Ms. Heidi Grande Røys (38), head of nursery school, Florø (SV)

Minister of Agriculture and Food:
Mr. Terje Riis-Johansen (37), manager, Skien (Sp)

Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs:
Ms. Helga Pedersen (32), county council moderator, Tana (Ap)

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