State Secretary Kjell Erik Øie (Labour Party)

Born: 1960

Kjell Erik Øie, 45, was appointed State Secretary in the Ministry of Children and Equality on 21 Oct. 2005. He had previously served as Head of Department at the Church City Mission. From 2000 to 2001 Øie was a political adviser in the Ministry of Children and Family Affairs, and this year was chosen as second deputy member of the Storting, representing the Oslo Social Democratic Party.

Sør-Trondelag Nursing College (1984). Criminology intermediate course (1998).
State Secretary, Ministry of Children And Equality (2005-current).
Head of Department, Church City Mission (2002-2005).
Political adviser, Ministry of Children and Family Affairs (2000-2001).
Adviser, Project Manager, acting Chief Adviser, Norwegian Board of Health (1999-2000).
Reports Manager and Project Manager, Norwegian Board of Health (1995-1999).
Assistant Director, T5 Rehabilitation Centre (1992-1995).
Consultant, Department for Environmental Health Care, city of Oslo (1989-1992).
Consultant, Directorate for Health Affairs (1988-1989).
Nurse\department nurse, Radiumhospitalet/Comprehensive Cancer Centre (1984-1988).

Other appointments:
Second deputy member of the Storting, Oslo Social Democratic Party (2005-2009).
Member, executive committees of the Vestre Aker Social Democratic Party and the Oslo Social Democratic Party (2005-current).
Board member, REFORM, resource centre for men (2005-current).
Board member, advisory board on substance abuse (2003-2005)
Board chair, SAFIR centre for voluntary efforts to combat substance abuse (2003-current).
Board chair, Hudøy holiday camp (2003-current).
Member, Oslo City Council (1999-2003).
Member, Norwegian Nurses Association Executive Committee (1998-2000).
Board member, resource centre for gender equality (1997-2000).
Member, gay rights movement lobby group on registered partnerships (1988-1993).
Leader, Det Norske Forbundet av 1948, a gay rights association (1987-1991).

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