Former minister of Government Administration and Reform Heidi Grande Røys (Socialist Left Party)


Born: 1967

Minister of Government administration and reform Heidi Grande Røys coordinates the Government's reform work in the public sector and is responsible for ICT policy, administration policy, competition policy and the state sector's employer policy. She is also Minister of Nordic cooperation for Norway. Ms Grand Røys is born in 1967 and is educated as a kindergarten and preschool teacher. She was a member of Parliament from 2001 till 2005.

Biografical information - CV

Ms Grande Røys was born 06 May 1967 in Bremanger, Sogn og Fjordane county as the daughter of carpenter Helge Roald Røys (1939-) and assistant Gunnhild Grande (1940-)

After completing Flora secondary school in 1986, she got her Preschool Education teacher's diploma at Bergen Teacher's College, Bergen 1989. She studied Organisation and leadership at Lillehammer Regional College 1998-1999.

Heidi Grande Røys was employed as department leader at Havrenes kindergarten 1989-1996, and director of Havrenes kindergarten 1996-.

The minister was a member of Flora City Council and the council's Executive Committee 1991- 2001. She was leader of the planning committee for Torvmyrane school, Flora 1994-1998, a member of the Main committee for education, Flora 1995-1999, leader of the municipal project committee, Flora 1997-1999, and leader of the main committee for health and social affairs, Flora 1999-2001.

Ms Grande Røys was a member of Parliament for the Socialist Left Party and a member of the Parliament's Finance Committee 2001-2005.

In her party, Ms Grande Røys has been vice president of the county party organisation from 1998, a political adviser for the party's parliamentary group 1999-2000 and is a member of the Socialist Left Party's program committee since 2000.