Former State Secretary Terje Moland Pedersen (Labour Party)


Born: 1952


I was born in Fredrikstad in 1952. I have been married to Kirsen since 1975. We have two children (Idar (1981) and Line (1983)). I did my compulsory military service in 1973 and have served in the police force since 1974. Since 1995 I have been in local politics full-time, and for that reason I have been on a leave of abcence from the police.

Professional experience

1972 to 1974                Scaffolder at Fredrikstad Mekaniske Verksted (shipyard)     

1974 to 1975                Appointed to Fredrikstad Police Headquarters as temporary
                                   police constable

1975 to 1976                Police trainee at Oslo Police Headquarters, Majorstua police
1977                            Permanent appointment, Fredrikstad Police Headquarters

1977 to 1979                Served in the uniformed branch

1979 to 1989                Served in the Police Headquarters’ criminal investigation
                                   department, drugs office

1989 to 1993                Served in the Police Headquarters’ planning department as
                                   a trainee supervisor in the service office, and had partial
                                   responsibility for an organisational review of  the Police
                                   Headquarters.  Participated also in several analysis
                                   assignments such as the Office Committee, the EDP
                                   Committee and so on. Had the responsibility for all follow-
                                   up from Police Headquarters in connection with the
                                   planning and building of a new police station in

1990                            Temporary appointment as Police Chief Inspector.

1993                            Permanent appointment as Police Chief Inspector,
                                   Fredrikstad Police Headquarters     
1993 to 1994                Main supervisor for the Police College in Østfold.                      

1994                            Appointed as group leader of the investigation section of
                                   the economic crime office.
1991                            The Ministry of Justice’s personnel planning project.
                                   Participated in the working party that prepared the
                                   proposal for a personnel evaluation system and proposals
                                   for holding of performance appraisal interviews.

1992                            The Police College project.  Participated in a working party
                                   that prepared proposals for curricula for the practical
                                   training year. 

1992                            Project leader for the Norwegian Police Federation.
                                   Prepared a strategy plan for how the Association should
                                   work on salary and status questions until the year 2000. 

Political experience

1991 to present             Elected representative, Fredrikstad District Council

1991 to 1993                Deputy chair of Main Committee for Education, and on the
                                   Board for Day-Care Centres in Fredrikstad.
1990 to 1994                Chairman of the Board for Ambjørnrød Centre
1993 to 1996                Chairman of the Board of Borg Havn IKS
1995 to 1999                Chairman of precinct committee for Centre precinct,
                                   Fredrikstad Municipality
1999 to the present       Member of the Executive Committee of
                                   Fredrikstad Municipality
1999 to the present       Group leader for the Norwegian Labour Party
1999 to 2003                Chairman of Main Technical Committee
1999 to 2003                Chairman of the Board of Borg Havn IKS
1999 to 2005                Chairman of the Board of Fredrikstad parkering A/S
2003 to 2005                Member of the Board of Viken havneselskap A/S (company
                                   now wound up)
2003 to the present       Chairman of the permanent planning committee in
2004 to the present       Chairman of Norwegian Ports Federation
2005 to the present       State Secretary in the Ministry of Justice and the Police

Organisational experience

1976 to 1977                Chief union representative at the Police Academy
1978 to 1987                Member of the Board of Fredrikstad police association
1987 to 1993                Chairman of Fredrikstad police association
1992 to 1996                Member of the supervisory board of the Norwegian Police
1996 to the present       Member of the Board of Fredrikstad Labour Party

In addition to this, I have held a number of other offices of trust and leading offices.


1972                            Eksamen atrium (high school leaving exam) Frydenberg
1974                            Eksamen Philosophicum (matriculation exam), University
                                   of Oslo
1977                            Graduated from the Police Academy
1977                            Course in drugs investigation, the Police Academy
1982                            Seminar in crime prevention, Ministry of Justice and
                                   Social Affairs
1986                            The Police Academy’s post-qualification education course
1990                            Seminar in crime prevention, Ministry of Justice
1990                            Course in expertise development, Ministry of Consumer
                                   Affairs and Government Administration
1991                            Seminar for trainee supervisors, the Police Academy
1991                            Seminar in project work
1993                            Course for trainee supervisors, the Police College
1996                            Course in negotiation technique, KS bedrift. 
                                   Miscellaneous IT courses
                                   Miscellaneous courses for union representatives under
                                   the aegis of the Norwegian Police Federation
                                   Miscellaneous courses for elected politicians, and for
                                   political leaders 
                                   Miscellaneous courses /consultation through the Norwegian
                                   Bar Association