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NOK 7 million for information measures leading up to the 2013 election

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Published under: Stoltenberg's 2nd Government

Publisher Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development

A total of nearly NOK seven million has been awarded to 40 different organisations for voter awareness initiatives leading up to the general and Sami Parliament elections in the autumn of 2013.

A total of nearly NOK seven million has been awarded to 40 different organisations for voter awareness initiatives leading up to the general and Sami Parliament elections in the autumn of 2013.

Some of the funds have been earmarked for measures in connection with the 2013 Universal Suffrage Centennial (Stemmerettsjubileet), which will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Storting’s decision to adopt universal suffrage. Debates, election inserts for newspapers, a website, radio promotions and various performances are just some of these measures.

The goal of the grant scheme is to increase awareness of elections and/or increase voter turnout.

The Ministry has prioritised measures directed at young people, immigrants and voters with special information needs.

Interest in the grant scheme has been high, and the Ministry received a total of 120 applications applying for a grand total of nearly NOK 29 million.

“I’m pleased there has been so much interest in the scheme, and I hope these measures will contribute to more people casting their vote in the autumn election,” says Minister of Local Government and Regional Development Liv Signe Navarsete.

The applications reveal a wide variety of measures. They include everything from song competitions, exhibits and concerts, to creating newspapers, radio programmes, debates and election rallies.

These measures come in addition to the general information work undertaken by the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, as well as the municipalities, to inform voters about regulations, deadlines and practical information about the election.

The following organisations will receive support (organisations with Norwegian titles have no official English title, trans. note):

2013-gruppa-“Østfoldmodellen” - Stemmerettsjubileet 2013, avdeling Østfold has received NOK 100 000 for a travelling exhibition in Østfold County concerning e.g. the first female politicians, women on “the barricades” and the women’s rights movement from the 1970s until today.

Agenda X/Norwegian Centre against Racism has received NOK 150 000 for the “Stem & Bestem! 2013” (Vote & Decide) project. The Centre will organise various activities, such as debate meetings, workshops and an information video for young people concerning the development and expansion of the right to vote in Norway.

Batteriet, the Kirkens Bymisjon Foundation in Kristiansand has received NOK 100 000 for a party leader debate during Arendalsveka (Arendal Week) 2013 and an information meeting on the election scheme for voters with an immigrant background.

Chinese Professionals in Norway has received NOK 40 000 to organise an election debate, online activity and an information seminar about the general election.

Det Felles Innvandrerråd i Hordaland og Kontaktutvalget mellom innvandrere og styresmakter has received NOK 80 000 to organise a debate meeting, an election course and stands.

Eidsvoll 1814, part of the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History Foundation, has received NOK 150 000 for a Universal Suffrage Centennial event. They will construct an installation shaped like a ballot box that the public can enter.

Hedmark County Museum, the Women’s Museum in Norway has received NOK 60 000 for a cultural history exhibit and democracy campaign featuring local female politicians.

Innvandrernes landsorganisasjon INLO has received NOK 185 000 to organise information meetings, debates and promote the exercise of voting rights to increase awareness of elections and voter turnout among voters with immigrant backgrounds.

Kilden Information Centre for Gender Research in Norway has received NOK 50 000 for further development and expansion of the online exhibit stemmerett.no concerning women’s suffrage in Norway.

Kristent Interkulturelt Arbeid has received NOK 350 000 to produce pamphlets and inform voters with immigrant backgrounds about democratic rights and elections. Will use the internet, its own member bulletin, as well as organise regional election meetings.

Kultursenteret Sisa has received NOK 69 100 to prepare an information pamphlet/circular about the election and democratic processes to be distributed along with the local newspaper, as well as organising a joint meeting with the ethnic associations at Sisa.

Kvinneloftet ved Stiftelsen Kirkens Bymisjon i Tromsø has received NOK 120 000 to organise “Kvinneloftes demokratiskole” (Kvinneloftet’s school of democracy), where the goal is to increase awareness about elections and democracy. Will hold democracy exercises, visit polling places and meet with representatives of political parties.

The Norwegian Children and Youth Council (LNU) has received NOK 800 000 to recruit and train democracy agents who will help as many first-time voters as possible in using their right to vote in the 2013 election.

The Norwegian Centre for Equality has received NOK 350 000 to organise regional conferences in Nordland, Hedmark and/or Oppland counties to train voting rights ambassadors who will contact upper secondary schools, folk high schools and youth events in their municipalities/counties to stimulate more young people to use their right to vote in the 2013 general election.

Mandal barne- og ungdomsråd (BU) and the pupils’ council at Mandal Upper Secondary School have received NOK 50 000 to organise Demokratiskolen 2013 (School of Democracy), where the young people themselves will be responsible for planning and execution.

Minotenk – Minoritetspolitisk tenketank has received NOK 100 000 to organise public dialogue meetings where voters with immigrant backgrounds can meet politicians, as well as to organise a dialogue seminar to commemorate the right to vote and discuss equality challenges.

The MiRA Resource Centre for Black, Immigrant and Refugee Women has received NOK 550 000 for a mobilisation and dialogue meeting, practical election training, as well as information in connection with the Universal Suffrage Centennial.

Morsmal Interest Organisation has received NOK 25 000 for electronic promotion of the election, including via their existing website. The web portal will include news, information and an opportunity to hold debates. All information will be in multiple languages.

The National Garborg Centre at Jærmuseet and Framtida.no, represented by Landssamanslutninga av nynorskommunar have received NOK 170 000 in connection with the Universal Suffrage Centennial. Will produce a series of articles and organise a debate meeting and writing competition.

Norges Bygdeungdomslag has received NOK 110 000 for the “Stem. Bestem!” campaign. Will organise courses in its organisation, provide information on its own website, as well as in social media and its member bulletin. The goal is to create awareness and involvement as regards elections and democracy.

Norwegian People’s Aid Oslo – OASEN, Kvinner Krysser Grenser has received NOK 220 000 to organise multiple election debates in Oslo and provide practical election training.

The Norwegian Association for Persons with Developmental Disabilities has received NOK 245 000 for information measures whose goal is to give voters with developmental disabilities the opportunity to make independent choices and participate without discrimination on an equal basis. They will e.g. distribute pamphlets, produce articles about elections in their member bulletin and address elections as a topic at NFU’s organisation camp.

Norsk Vietnamesisk Senter. Has received NOK 31 000 for awareness campaigns and video productions aimed at increasing voter turnout and general knowledge about elections.

Norske Kvinners Sanitetsforening has received NOK 320 000 to produce information material, organise an election campaign and an online competition in connection with the Universal Suffrage Centennial. They will also provide information about voting rights and elections in NKS Sesam groups.

Ole Vig Upper Secondary School has received NOK 30 000 for a project on election information. Examples of measures include an exhibition, banners, flyers, an election insert in a newspaper, brochures, a PowerPoint presentation, video production for use in classroom settings and a competition.

OMOD - Organisasjonen mot offentlig diskriminering – Rapvalg has received NOK 150 000 for organising the Rapvalg (Rap Election) music competition with the goal of increasing young voter turnout.

Pak Norwegian Welfare Research Center has received NOK 40 000 for organising a seminar and information stands to increase voter turnout and election awareness.

Penelope Films has received NOK 600 000 to produce short films about Camilla Collet and the topic of voting rights and equality, inspired by the Universal Suffrage Centennial in Norway. The series is called “Stemmer” (Voices/Votes).

Queendom Productions has received NOK 100 000 to organise musical theatre in culture centres and schools in Vest-Agder County in connection with the Universal Suffrage Centennial.

Radio Latin-Amerika has received NOK 180 000 to produce and broadcast radio spots about the election in different languages. They will also broadcast directly from an election rally attended by various political parties and immigrant organisations.

Radio Sotra has received NOK 36 000 to produce radio programmes. Radio Sotra has its own youth editorial staff consisting of 35 young people. They will work actively on election information in their broadcasts this year.

Somaliland Women Solidarity Association has received NOK 50 000 to organise several meetings in Oslo and Akershus counties concerning elections and practical aspects thereof.

Somalisk velferdsforening has received NOK 70 000 to organise an election meeting providing information about the election, the Norwegian electoral process and practical aspects thereof, where the goal is to increase voter turnout among Somali Norwegians.

The Kirkens Bymisjon Foundation in Trondheim has received NOK 125 000 to organise course evenings with Gatejuristen (free legal aid service), as well as an election night event for the users of Kirkens Bymisjon’s centres. The goal is to provide this group with more information about the election and the importance of exercising one’s right to vote.

The Klar Tale Foundation has received NOK 818 500 to produce 100 000 copies of a special issue of Klar Tale about the 2013 general and Sami Parliament elections. The issue will also be available in PDF format and recorded as a podcast on www.klartale.no and www.skolenettet.no.

Sør-Trøndelag Felles Innvandrerråd (STFIR) has received NOK 45 000 to organise a one-day conference including a dialogue meeting with politicians, networking and campaigning, as well as information about the election and voting rights on www.stfir.no and STFIR’s Facebook page.

The Tamil Resource and Counselling Centre has received NOK 32 000 to organise an information meeting about the election to increase voter turnout among Tamil Norwegians.

Tyrkisk Barne og Ungdomsorganisasjon has received NOK 60 000 to organise an election conference for young people and parents about participating in the election, as well as information on its own website.

Ungdomsfabrikken has received NOK 220 000 to organise the Word Up! campaign. Will encourage youth and young adults to vote using an online information video and social media, as well as organise a concert in central Oslo.

Voice of Norway Radio øst A/L has received NOK 16 720 to produce and broadcast radio programmes about the election in multiple languages.

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