Former Minister of Transport and Communications Magnhild Meltveit Kleppa (Centre Party)

(20.10.2009 - 18.06.2012

Born: 1948

Transport and Communications Minister Magnhild Meltveit Kleppa is responsible for policy related to transport of passengers and goods, telecommunications and postal services. Ms Kleppa, born in 1948, has previously been Minister of Local Government and Regional Development (Stoltenberg’s second government) and Minister of Social Affairs (Bondevik’s first government).

Political appointments

2009 Minister of Minister of Transport and Communications, Jens Stoltenberg’s second government
2007–2009 Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Jens Stoltenberg’s second government
2000–2007 Member of the Storting for Rogaland County
1997–2000 Minister of Social Affairs, Kjell Magne Bondevik’s first government
1993–1997 Member of the Storting for Rogaland County
1992–1993 Member of the Rogaland Administrative Board
1991–1993 Member of the Rogaland County Executive Board
1988–1991 Member of the Rogaland Transport and Communications Committee
1987–1993 Member of the Gulating Court of Appeal
1984–1987 Member of the Hjelmeland Municipal Council Health and Social Welfare Committee
1980–1983 Member of the Hjelmeland Municipal Council Building Committee
1979–1987 Member of Hjelmeland Municipal Council

Membership of committees in the Storting and delegations

2005–2007 Standing Committee on Scrutiny and Constitutional Affairs
2005–2007 Enlarged Foreign Affairs Committee
1993–2007 Election Committee
2001–2005 Standing Committee on Local Government
1993–1997 Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs
1996–1997 Committee to assess the strengthening of the Storting’s elucidation capacity, etc.
1996 Delegate to the UN General Assembly

Work experience

1982–1992 Adviser
1970–1992 Teacher, Hjelmeland school
1970–1971 Teacher, Jørpeland lower secondary school
1967–1968 Teacher, Jøsneset school


1979–1985 Social studies, special education and biology, Stavanger College of Education
1979 Degree in teaching, Kristiansand College of Education

Other posts

1992–1997 Member, Committee of Representatives, Gjensidige Liv
1988–1996 Member, Committee of Representatives, Gjensidige, Rogaland

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