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New political adviser

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Published under: Stoltenberg's 2nd Government

Publisher Office of the Prime Minister

The Office of the Prime Minister has from 2 November appointed a new political adviser in the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

The Office of the Prime Minister has from 2 November appointed Ms. Jeanette Iren Moen (42), adviser, Oslo, as political adviser to Minister of Trade and Industry Trond Giske.

The Government represents the Labour Party (Lab.), the Socialist Left Party (Soc.) and the Centre Party (Cent.). The list of political advisors is now as follows:

To Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg (Lab.)
Mr. Sindre Beyer (Lab.) 

To Minister of Education Kristin Halvorsen (Soc.)
Ms. Sylvi Annie Bratten (Soc.)

To Minister of Local Government and Regional Development
Liv Signe Navarsete

To Minister of Foreign Affairs Jonas Gahr Støre (Lab.)
Mr. Tarjei Skirbekk (Lab.)

To Minister of Defence Grete Faremo (Lab.)
Ms. Kathrine Raadim (Lab.)

To Minister of Finance Sigbjørn Johnsen (Lab.)
Ms. Randi Ness (Lab.)

To Minister of Trade and Industry Trond Giske (Lab.)
Jeanette Iren Moen (Lab.)

To Minister of Transport and Communications
Magnhild Meltveit Kleppa

To Minister of Health and Care Services Anne-Grete Strøm-Erichsen (Lab.)
Heidi Lindebotten (Lab.) – from 4 November 2009

To Minister of Environment and International Development Erik Solheim (Soc.)
Mr. Morten Wasstøl (Soc.) – Environment Affairs
Mr. Arvinn E. Gadgil (Soc.) – International Development Affairs

To Minister of Justice and the Police Knut Storberget (Lab.)
Mr. Eirik Øwre Thorshaug (Lab.)

To Minister of Petroleum and Energy Terje Riis-Johansen (Cent.)
Mr. Jarand Felland (Cent.)

To Minister of Research and Higher Education Tora Aasland (Soc.)

To Minister of Culture Anniken Huitfeldt (Lab.)
Mr. Roger Solheim (Lab.)

To Minister of Agriculture and Food Lars Peder Brekk (Cent.)
Ms. Ane Kismul (Cent.) – leave of absence from 22 June 2009
Ms. Hildegunn Gjengedal (Cent.) – acting from 22 June 2009

To Minister of Reform and Church Affairs
and Minister of Labour Rigmor Aasrud
Mr. Trond Blattmann (Lab.) – Reform and Church Affairs
Mr. Jon Reidar Øyan (Lab.) – Labour Affairs until 20 December 2009

To Minister Hanne Bjurstrøm
Minister of Labour from 21 December 2009
Mr. Jon Reidar Øyan (Lab.) – from 21 December 2009

To Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs Lisbeth Berg-Hansen (Lab.)
Ms. Fride Solbakken (Lab.)

To Minister of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion Audun Lysbakken (Soc.)
Line Gaare Paulsen (Soc.)