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Overview of national activities and events in Norway

Historical archive

Published under: Stoltenberg's 2nd Government

Publisher Ministry of Labour

2010: the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion


Date Activity/event Organiser Location
19–20 January Power and opportunities in the European Year 2010. Motivation and inspiration Collaboration Forum against Poverty/Batteriet Oslo Oslo
18 February Meeting in Bodø of people experiencing poverty Batteriet North Norway Bodø
9 March National Opening Conference Ministry of Labour in cooperation with the Fafo Institute Oslo
Spring 2010 Start of Red Cross Nature (Røde Kors Friluft) Haugesund Red Cross Haugesund
5–6 May Humanitarian forum in Nordland Nordland Red Cross Nordland
11–13 June Groruddalen Blokk Party Break Records Oslo
August Scriptwriting course and competition for young people aged 12–20 in Stovner and Romsås city districts Groruddalen Frie Filmere Oslo
5–8 August Promoting social inclusion for transsexuals Harry Benjamin Ressurssenter (National organisation for the diagnosis transsexualism) Toten
Approx. 16–27 August Introduction Week (Verdiuka) for upper secondary-school pupils MOT - an awareness-raising organisation working for and together with young people Nation-wide
28 August–5 September National Focus Week arranged by the Welfare Alliance/EAPN Norway: information and campaign stands, four regional meetings of the Sociopolitical Forum (on minimum income, child poverty, access to services including health and dental health, housing), information and campaign stands at local welfare and labour offices, etc. Publication of activities during EAPN Norway’s Focus Week. The Welfare Alliance/EAPN Norway (Velferdsalliansen)
Raising awareness about financial and social problems Batteriet Midt-Norge/Church City Mission Trondheim (Stiftelsen Kirkens Bymisjon Trondheim) Trondheim
13–19 September EAPN Norway’s Focus Week in Bergen in the European Year 2010. Seminar (Fagdag) on poverty and social exclusion, on 14 September. Market stands for voluntary organisations Welfare Alliance/EAPN Norway, Batteriet Vest Norge, Bergen University College Bergen
20–26 September EAPN´s Regional Activities in the European Year 2010. Meet the Organisations Day: 24 or 25 September Batteriet Midt-Norge Trondheim
11–17 October National Focus Week, miscellaneous activities
12 October Seminar for exchange of experience regarding the experiences card for young people Ålesund municipality Ålesund
Autumn 2010 Prize awards Batteriet Sør-Norge Kristiansand
Autumn 2010 Humanitarian forum in Nordland Nordland Red Cross Nordland
9–10 November Conference “Poverty in Norway” The Rettferd for taperne foundation (Stiftelsen Rettferd for taperne) Oslo
5 December Humanitarian forum Norwegian Red Cross (Røde Kors sentralt) Oslo
14 December National Closing Conference Norwegian Labour Party in cooperation with the Fafo Institute
Date not yet set Inclusion in the voluntary sector Association of NGOs in Norway (Frivillighet Norge)
Date not yet set Exhibition week and concert Church City Mission Bergen Bergen
Date not yet set SIMBA – Sammen i arbeidet mot barnefattigdom (project for combating child poverty) Senter for oppvekst, Drammen municipality Drammen
Date not yet set Competence-building seminar for volunteers seeking to work with inclusion in the local community Norwegian Women's Public Health Association (Norske Kvinners Sanitetsforening)
Date not yet set Measures to encourage football clubs to make active efforts to include vulnerable groups in their ordinary activities. Financial support for goal-oriented low-threshold activities and outreach activities to encourage target groups to join ordinary club activities. Fifteen clubs will be chosen. The Football Association of Norway (Norges Fotballforbund) Nation-wide
Date not yet set Support for cultural activities that help young people to improve their life skills through participation Mental Health Norway, Sør-Trøndelag (Mental Helse Sør-Trøndelag) Sør-Trøndelag
Date not yet set Seminar on child poverty for municipal officials Save the Children Norway (Redd Barna) and Framfylkingen
Date not yet set National information campaign Norwegian Federation of Organisations of Disabled People (Funksjonshemmedes Fellesorganisasjon)
Date not yet set Media workshop in cooperation with Unikum A/S (owned by Church City Mission Oslo). The target group, consisting of persons with a dual diagnosis (substance abuse/mental health problems), will learn to visualise their own life histories by means of media equipment, keep a video diary, teamwork. 8–10 participants. Vestfold Frie Filmere Oslo
Date not yet set Fortell meg! (Tell me!) A learning project for the whole family for recently arrived immigrant families. Adult Education Centre (Voksenopplæringen), Tønsberg municipality Tønsberg
Date not yet set Use of cultural activities as a tool for inclusion in the local community Cultural centre Sisa (Kultursenteret SISA) Alta
Date not yet set Seminar – “Diversity and Inclusion in the Red Cross” Akershus Red Cross Akershus
Date not yet set The Vard model project (Vard-modellen): contact through sport – strengthening the networks of recently arrived immigrant families The sports club SK Vard Haugesund
Date not yet set Two seminars for the exchange of experience (1. Local strategies and partnerships for active social inclusion and poverty reduction, using the qualification programme for vulnerable groups as a tool 2. Social entrepreneurship) The Directorate of Labour and Welfare
Date not yet set Award of prizes The Ministry of Labour/The Directorate of Labour and Welfare, Ministry of Culture