Former Minister of Health and Care Services Sylvia Brustad (Labour Party)

(Period 17.10.2005–20.06.2008)

Born: 1966

Sylvia Brustad is the minister of Health and Care Services. From 2000 to 2001 she was minister of Local Government and Regional Development. She was born on December 19, 1966.

Political positions

2005 - Cabinet Minister, Ministry of Health and Care Services, 2nd Government of Jens Stoltenberg
2001-2005  Member of the Storting
2000-2001      Cabinet Minister, Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, 1st Government of Jens Stoltenberg
1997-2001      Member of the Storting
1996-1997      Cabinet Minister, Ministry of Children and Family Affairs, Government of Thorbjørn Jagland
1993-1997      Member of the Storting
1993-2005      Member of the Parliamentary board, Labour Party
1989-1993      Member of the Storting


Participation in Parliamentary Committees and Delegations

2001-2005  The Standing Committee on Energy and the Environment

2001-2005  The Enlarged Foreign Affairs Committee

2001-2005  The Delegation on Relations with the European Parliament

1997-2001  The Enlarged Foreign Affairs Committee

1997-2001  The Standing Committee on Local Government

1997-2001  The Election Committee

1997-2001  The Consultative body for EEA issues

1998           Delegate to the UN General Assembly

1993-1997  The Election Committee

1993-1997  The Standing Committee on Social Affairs

1993-1997  The enlarged Committee on Foreign Affairs

1993-1997  The Delegation on Relations with the European Parliament

1989-1993  The Committee on Consumer Affairs and Public Administration

1989-1993  The Election Committee

1989-1993  The Group of The Inter-parliamentary Union




Professional Experience

1988-1989  Journalist in Aktuelt Perspektiv

1987-1988  Journalist in LO Aktuelt



1985-1987  Media, Ringsaker Folk High School


Other positions

1990-1992  Member of the Commission on Defence Issues