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Published under: Stoltenberg's 2nd Government

Publisher Ministry of Health and Care Services

The minister’s own team of experts will help him to find the economic and legal tack for meeting the challenges in the Norwegian health sector.

The minister’s own team of experts will help him to find the economic and legal tack for meeting the challenges in the Norwegian health sector.

Bjarne Håkon Hanssen
Minister of Health and Social Affairs since 20 June 2008. Served previously as Minister of Labour and Social Inclusion and Minister of Agriculture. Hanssen was elected to the Storting as a representative from Nord-Trøndelag, where he previously served as chairman of the county council.
Hanssen was born in 1962 and lives in Oslo and Namsos.

Kolbjørn Almlid
Chairman of the Board of the Central Norway Regional Health Authority. Has years of experience from local, municipal and national politics and has served as chairman of the county council in Nord-Trøndelag and state secretary in the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy in the Syse government. Trained as a teacher, he has worked in schools for many years. Is now a senior adviser with Innovation Norway. Almlid was born in 1945 and lives at Malm in Verran.

Nadia Ansar
Psychologist in the organisation Alternative to Violence (ATV). Currently on maternity leave. Worked previously at the child guidance outpatient clinic in the Grorud district of Oslo. Was active in the student organisation Pakistansk Studentersamfunn at the University of Oslo in the period 1996-2004, which works to motivate Pakistani youth to pursue higher education. Currently gives courses for psychologists in cultural expertise in the mental health service.
Ansar was born in 1979 and lives in Oslo.

Marit Botnen
Has been head of care services in Ulsteinvik municipality since 1992. Also has years of experience as nurse and head nurse in the same municipality. Trained as a nurse and also has a master’s degree in social planning and management. Currently she is also the head of the association of municipal health and social welfare officers in Møre og Romsdal. Took the initiative and was active on several projects aimed at better integration and quality enhancements in the services. Botnen was born in 1953 and lives in Ulsteinvik.

Dagfinn Enerly
Played elite series football for Skeid, Moss, Rosenborg and Fredrikstad, and in addition for Grorud and Grei. In 2008 he was named “Example of the Year” at the Idrettsgallaen sports awards. Has been a solid contributor to the public debate on the health services.
Enerly was born in 1972 and lives at Larkollen in Rygge.

Anette Fosse
Specialist in general medicine and primary care doctor at Øvermo Legesenter in Mo i Rana. In addition she is a nursing home doctor in the short-term unit at Ytteren and practice coordinator at the Helgeland Hospital Health Trust. Is a member of the board of the University Hospital of North Norway and was previously a member of the board of Helgeland Hospital.
Fosse was born in 1962 and lives in Mo i Rana.

Anne Kari Lande Hasle
The Ministry of Health and Care Services’ chief administrative officer. Served previously as secretary general in both the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Children and Family Affairs. From 1996 to 1999 she was the director of Norwegian Social Research – NOVA. Lande Hasle was born in 1946 and lives in Oslo.

Stein Kaasa
Professor of palliative medicine at NTNU, consultant, head of section, Section for Palliative Medicine, Cancer Ward, St Olavs Hospital Trondheim University Hospital and is in addition director for strategy in the Norwegian Directorate for Health. Has experience from clinical activities in the area of cancer from the beginning of 1980. Has engaged in clinical research in palliative medicine, the treatment of pain and other troublesome symptoms, late effects of cancer treatment and research on organisational models in the health service/coordination between the primary health service and the hospital service. Kaasa was born in 1953 and lives in Trondheim.

Bjørn-Inge Larsen
Director General of the Norwegian Directorate for Health since the start of the then Directorate for Health and Social Affairs in 2002. Has years of experience in health administration in such posts as senior registrar consultant in the previous Directorate for Health and chief county medical officer in three counties. Is also the chair of the National Council for Quality and Priorities in the Health Service. Has a Cand.med. degree from the University of Oslo in 1986. In addition has a business degree from BI and a Master of Business Administration/Master of Public Health from the University of California. Larsen was born in 1961 and lives in Åsgårdstrand.

Marit Myklebust
General Manager of the Salvation Army Street Hospital in Oslo, which provides low-threshold services to physically ill drug addicts. Trained as a nurse, she has previous work experience from mental health services, as head of the medical ward of a hospital and geriatrics at the municipal level. Has years of experience as a local politician and was also chairman of the Eigersund municipal council.
Myklebust was born in 1962 and lives at Hellvik in Eigersund.

Victor Norman
Professor of economics at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH) in Bergen. Was the Minister of Labour and Government Administration in the second Bondevik government. Has been employed by NHH since 1971 and has been a professor since 1975. Was rector of NHH from 1999-2001. Norman was born in 1946 and lives in Bergen.

Karin Søraunet
Chairman of the Vikna municipal council and farmer with dairy and meat production. Among other things she is county chairman of the Nord-Trøndelag Christian Democratic Party and deputy member of that party’s central committee. Trained as an agronomist.
Søraunet was born in 1967 and lives at Evenstad in Vikna.

Unn Teslo
Managing director of Ringerike Hospital, where she has worked since 1979. During this period she worked as a nurse, head nurse, teaching consultant, development manager and deputy director. Trained as a nurse, with various additional educational qualifications in the area of management, and has a master’s degree in modernisation of the public sector. Teslo was born in 1955 and lives in Hønefoss.

Nils Fredrik Wisløff
Chief municipal executive in the city of Drammen since 2000. Chaired the coordination committee for the health and care sector that presented Official Norwegian Reports (NOU) 2005:3 – Fra stykkevis til helt – en sammenhengende helsetjeneste (From piecemeal to whole – an integrated health service). Member of the National Committee for Quality and Priorities. Wisløff was born in 1952 and lives in Nesbru in Asker.