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Report about multi-year budgets

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Published under: Solberg's Government

Publisher Ministry of Finance

A Committee that has been examining multi-year budgets in selected areas and a clearer distinction between investments and operations in the budget has today submitted its report to the Minister of Finance Siv Jensen. The Committee was appointed on 10 October 2014. Director General Øystein Børmer, Norwegian Government Agency for Financial Management, has chaired the Committee that otherwise has consisted of experts from economics, accounting and administration.

"I thank the Committee for a unanimous report that is delivered by the deadline. It is a competent Committee that has assessed various aspects of the current central government budgeting and accounting principles in line with the mandate given by the government", says the Minister of Finance Siv Jensen.

The report will be sent for consultation today, 1 December. Deadline for input is 1 March 2016. Organisations and others that are not on the consultation list are invited to provide input.

Questions regarding the report can be directed to:

Øystein Børmer, Director General, Chairperson of the Committee, contact the DFØ Director of Communications, Ruth Høyland Jønsrud, telephone +47 951 83 108.

Head of the Secretariat, Frode Karlsen, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Finance, telephone +47 414 02 521.

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