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New, nationwide measures

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Published under: Solberg's Government

Publisher Ministry of Health and Care Services

During the coming weeks, we must ensure we stay at home and limit our social contact with other people to the greatest extent possible.

By social contact we mean mixing with family, friends and acquaintances that you do not live in the same household as.

You may invite up to five people into your home in addition to the people you live with.

When holding private gatherings outside your home such as weddings, confirmations or memorials, a maximum of 20 people may gather at once.

I would like to remind you that our advice continues to apply:

  • Maintain social distancing of at least one metre
  • Wash your hands
  • Stay at home if you are unwell
  • Limit the number of people that you meet

We are now introducing several new, nationwide measures:

Young people and adults who have been in situations where it has been difficult to maintain a distance of at least one metre from others should ensure they maintain a distance of at least two metres when visiting persons in risk categories.

There is a limit on private gatherings in public places and hired premises of 20 people, while the limit for indoor events without fixed seating is 50 people. The limit for indoor events where the full audience is seated in fixed seating remains 200 people.

Avoid non-essential domestic travel. Work-related travel that is deemed essential and travel to and from second homes that can be completed without coming into contact with others are exempt.

Licensed sales of alcohol will not be permitted after midnight on a nationwide basis. New guests may not be admitted after 22:00. This will take effect from from 00:01 Saturday November 7th.

Travellers to Norway from abroad must present a negative Covid-19 test prior to arrival in the country. This test must have been taken within 72 hours of departure. This requirement will take effect from 00:01 on Monday November 9th.

Persons arriving in Norway without a fixed place of residence or an employer must remain in a quarantine hotel and be tested for a period of ten days. This period may be reduced once the impact of requiring a negative test prior to travel and testing conducted in Norway has been further evaluated.

A range of new measures are to be added to the list considered by municipalities with high levels of infection. These include a recommendation that upper secondary schools in these area are operated at red level and that a variety of places where people meet are subject to restrictions or closed for a period of time. These may include fitness centres, sports hall, museums, libraries and a range of events.

Additionally, the Norwegian Directorate of Health is to be assigned further duties, including the evaluation of measures for the protection of persons in risk categories and the shielding of vulnerable groups in society.

As the Prime Minister has said: There is no time to be spared. This is why we are implementing these measures effective immediately. We need everyone on board. We are standing shoulder to shoulder in our fight against the contagion.