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The coronavirus situation: Speech by The Minister of Justice and Public Security

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Published under: Solberg's Government

Publisher Ministry of Justice and Public Security

Good afternoon everybody,

As you all know, we have experienced increased rates of infection during the autumn, and for this reason we have been focused on limiting arrivals at Norway’s border and enforcing stricter controls on those who do enter the country.

Now that the Christmas holidays are approaching, it goes without saying that it is particularly onerous to have to spend time in quarantine. This is a time when most of us are used to spending time with our loved ones. This is something about which I have the greatest understanding.

Unfortunately, it is still necessary for us to continue the quarantine hotel scheme even in the run up to Christmas.

However, we have made changes to the regulations in order to make it easier for people arriving in Norway in the days leading up to Christmas to stay somewhere other than a quarantine hotel.

These changes do not affect WHO must undergo quarantine, but have an impact on WHERE quarantine is completed.

As of 13 December, it has been the case that quarantine may be completed in suitable accommodation that offers a private bedroom, access to a dedicated bathroom, a separate kitchen or dining area, and where close contact with other persons can be avoided.

It remains the case for employees and contractors that it is up to the employer to provide this accommodation, and there are clear requirements stipulating which criteria such accommodations must fulfil.

Both groups must provide written confirmation that the accommodation satisfies the requirements upon entry to Norway.

Persons resident in Norway or who have their home here may undergo quarantine at home, regardless of whether their home is owned or rented. This also applies to students who are studying abroad.

Norwegian students in other Nordic countries are still considered resident in Norway, despite the fact that they have been required to register as resident in their country of study due to the Nordic rules governing population registration.

We have also enabled spouses who live in different countries to quarantine together in the home of the individual who lives in Norway. The same rules apply to persons who have children together.

Although many people will now have more choices at their disposal when undergoing quarantine, it remains important for them to remember that they are in quarantine and to follow all the rules that apply.

They must avoid close contact with persons they do not ordinarily live with.

If we all follow the quarantine rules and the other infection control advice we are issued, we will reduce rates of infection and be able to return to normal more quickly.

I would now like to hand over to the Minister of Health and Care Services.