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Nordic ministers: Strengthen the co-operation for a sustainable forest-based bioeconomy

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Published under: Solberg's Government

Publisher Ministry of Agriculture and Food

The forest-based bioeconomy offers great opportunities for the Nordic societies in the form of growth and jobs. According to the Nordic Council of Ministers for Fisheries and Aquaculture, Agriculture, Agriculture, Food and Forestry this can and should be achieved in a sustainable way.

At their meeting in Turku on 29th June, the Nordic ministers adopted a roadmap for the future forest sector co-operation, called Nordic Forest Solutions. The roadmap aims at strengthening the Nordic Voice in forestry-related issues also at European and global level.

The case of EU bioenergy policy, and especially the possible criteria for the sustainable sourcing of woody biomass, was picked as a case study for strengthened Nordic co-operation. A back-to-back workshop was organized to bring together government representatives, stakeholders and the European Commission to discuss the subject. The ministers stressed that the topic is of utmost importance for all the Nordic countries, and recognized the need to co-operate closely on the matter.